Significance of Political Science Hons in Delhi University(DU)

political science hons in du

 Why do students want to pursue Political Science Hons at DU?

Political Science Hons at DU has its own importance, during an interview with Manoj Sinha, principal of Aryabhatta college said the demand of Political Science Hons, English Hons, and Economics Hons is always a foremost priority especially students belong from Arts background. Even students come from Science background also prefer Political Science Hons as their core subject.

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The comprehensive study of national and international politics emboldens the youth to become a part of the system and public policy. DU’s curriculum allows the study of International Relations and Public Administration.

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Cognizance of the political system made students more interested in cementing the current situation of politics with their studies, leading to enhanced practical understanding. Apart from party politics, it makes students competent to be aware of the Pros and cons of a particular policy, what will be the public response leads the development of anticipation and prediction skills.

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Department of Political Science also focuses on learning and understanding and research Western thoughts and institutions so that students get aware of western thoughts and do a comprehensive comparison. Strengthen the feeling of equality and social justice.

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With the view to crack UPSC

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political science hons in DU

DU is considered as a factory of IAS, Students prioritize Political Science with the view to crack civil service examination, there are many IAS from DU who pursued political science, Hons as this course covers the whole syllabus required for UPSC who choose political science as their optional.

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  • Indian polity is a fundamental element of the UPSC prelims syllabus.
  • As you already cover the syllabus during prelims preparation, gonna save your time as you don’t need to study it again, so you can spend time on other topics.
  • Due to its non-technical nature, students can easily relate to the things updated by current affairs or read newspapers regularly.
  • The only requirement of understanding the concepts is to write better answers.
  • Helps in the preparation of the current affair’s part.
  • Important topics like LIBERALISM, FEMINISM, IDEAS OF MARXISM, ISSUES OF DEMOCRACY, HUMAN RIGHTS, etc. get to cover during graduation.
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Students  inclined towards International Relations  

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With the embarkation of new policy and schemes on daily basis become lightly difficult for students to be updated with every policy, so students switch themselves toward International relations then link the two pieces of chains.

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For instance – there is the concept from Chanakya, the pioneer in the field of Arthshastra ( Economics) in which he said “The enemy of an enemy is our friend, friend of an enemy is our enemy and friend of a friend is our friend”. By this statement, students can anticipate who will go to be India’s friend and enemy in an international scenario just like China and America, China is our enemy and America is the enemy of the enemy(China) it means there are the chances of good relation between India and America. Also, predict how this relationship gonna help Indians and Americans.

Study about laws and rule

Department of Political Science allows colleges to include some additional Subjects link with core subjects like YOUR LAWS YOUR RULES, ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES, etc. helps students in a comprehensive study. Such things made students aware of their rights, judicial procedures, How the Indian Penal code works

Study the thoughts of Indian and western thinker

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Indian thinkers like Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand, Rabindranath Tagore, Pandita Ramabai, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, etc, and Western thinkers like John Locke, Rousseau, Hobbes, J.S Mill, Karl Marx, etc. This will be the blend of an amazing and interesting mixture as we come to know how views of different intellectuals differ based on geographical territories and their political system.

Associated with economics

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This course will entice students who are interested in economics as the implementation and structure of policy is come under the Political system and its consequences come under an economic system. For instance, FARMER BILL where implementation and presentation of the bill come under the political system and its effect on the price of the commodity comes under the economic system.

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Associated with Social Issues

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The most interesting thing about every course to study is by relating complete figures and facts, social issues like poverty, employment generation, inflation, protection of rights of underprivileged section. Questions are raised in student’s minds that why a particular policy failed in its agendas and try to find out the solutions. Implementation of a particular scheme is really helpful for people under below poverty line or not.

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Different trends in South India

According to the assistant professor of the department of International Relations and political science, Central University of Kerala said that students inclination towards engineering, medical, and other professional courses rather than theoretical courses in south India, believe that these courses provide more career opportunities.

Students perceptions

Most of the students are perplexed about this course that is it worth to do Hons course as it has ineligible demand in private sectors.

Actually, it is worth doing any course if you allow complete hard work with full stamina and interest. Such courses proliferate thinking skills in different directions.


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