Modern Millennial’s of India: A critical verbatim

“The wheels of faith would someday compel the British to give up their Indian empire but what kind of India will they leave behind? What a stark misery!”
~ Rabindranath Tagore

In 1947 when India won the long-drawn battle and was able to root out the foreign dominion from their national soil we were conferred with the title of sovereign nation. During that time the challenge before the government was to establish a democratic institution for the well-functioning of the nation, thereafter the people vigorously fought against the ignorance of opportunities and profiteering thus creating development as our next great behemoth and lastly the problem of the integration of 565 states under one roof- thus implying unity as our third challenge; but due to the farsightedness and consistent efforts of the government in particular and citizens in general we were able to hinder these challenges. Then came the era of Mrs. Indira Gandhi where people like Jayaprakash Narayan and Morarji Desai fought against the oppressive regime of the tyrannical ruler and leading to the proclamation of such draconian measure-suspension of democratic functioning of the country- the emergency! This was the time when the curtailment of fundamental rights happened by the maladministration.

One of the greatest lessons of emergency imminently visible is that the citizens understood the importance of their fundamental rights and started comprehending things into right perspectives. Then the country was hit hard by the economic crisis during Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and we were able to overcome this grave monster-like-crisis by the persistent efforts of Dr. Manmohan Singh. Then comes this COVID-era amid plethora of problems; interestingly the problem is not the severity of the pestilence, human history is replete with similar attacks but indeed the defamatory statements of those who are masquerading under the name of “word-smarts” of this country, many objectionable statements popularly called “comedy/Mazak” These slanderous statements are insidious.

This rogue situation should not overpower or color our rich history. This new trend of misusing our fundamental right of freedom of expression, speech and saying rowdy statements by breaching the bottom line of humanity and humility and being totally ignorant about our rich and common historical affiliation. Because these types of outfits who are conferred with the titles such as “savage” “humorous or impavid” will result in reigniting the bloody fight having a total disregard towards the important aspects such as humanity, sincerity, and cooperation. There should be no room for discombobulation, my motive shouldn’t be confused with the idea that outlaws the existence of expression of dissent with the political but to judiciously use the fundamental right of expression and speech so as to participate in the knowledge economy and government. Dissent is the main essence of democracy but “democracy without education is hypocrisy without limitation”.
So let us rewrite the history of ignorance with that of being more vigilant and having the crucial eye over our political actors and their predicaments. Let us again show our national character and perseverance when our Bharat-Mata is calling for it, let us exhibit our nationalism and by our constructive criticism persuading the people to rise above their slumber and attend to the call of duty. What is article calls in question is the very fact that the criticism which has been leveled against various people and authority representatives of various positions as well as the members of influential pressure groups must stand in affirmative of one single fact that underscores their criticism in the sense that the descent must not be based on the crowded philosophy of spouting pseudo emotive statements based on certain misrepresented facts out of the subjective feelings. The criticism must not be based on the idea that it stems from the very personal roots of once thinking pattern. The idea of critical thinking, different differentiate between subjective and object objective facts in the sense that let’s take an example , let us say that President Obama was a good father, but we cannot keep this under the category of objective fact since it is primarily coming from the subjective experience, the children and the project of this particular person has undergone during his or her childhood, which would substantially determine the nature and intensity of this person to be good parent or more appropriately and appreciative father .

But one thing which can be set for sure is to declare if this particular person was a good president or not during the time when he was in power, it could be explained efficiently by presenting the list of white areas of achievements. The proposed number of bills which were passed, the data reflecting the status of the beneficiaries related to those particular governmental policies which were inaugurated, executed as well as promulgated during this particular representative’s reign.

The underlying fact from the above mentioned argument is simply highlighting towards this point that the criticisms which are leveled are sometimes devoid of the true essence of water. Criticism must entail within itself. These points sometimes are presented in a haphazard manner, rooted in mockery which results in billeting and in all this magnanimity, the point gets lost in the air what is left is only the criticism which is not exactly acting to highlight the negative loophole, but rather as a source to pester, humiliate, degrade and discourage the members from executing or more appropriately, taking a risk, implementing something out of the box in order to test and examine whether it could actually have a long lasting better impact over the general well-being and development of the society.

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