School Friends Are The Best

Why School and School Friends Are The Best

1. They are your partner in crime- From your first bunk to your first fight, you are a team. They get the bandwidth of...

Some Heartbreaking Deaths in Harry Potter Series

Undoubtedly, Harry Potter is the most beloved series of 20s generation and still, the series has a special place in our heart. Growing up in...
Whiskey White Walker

Johnnie Walker Introduces Game of Thrones-Inspired Whiskey White Walker

Here's what happens when your two favourite things, Scotch and Game of Thrones get together. JOHNNIE WALKER has unveiled a new Scotch Whisky that’s...
Pir Ghaib

Pir Ghaib : A Medieval Observatory or a Vanished Saint’s Mausoleum?

  Some distance southwest of the Chauburji-Masjid, is a double-storeyed dilapidated rubble-built structure known as the “Pir Ghaib”, now falling within the compound of the...
Being born again

Being Born Again

College life seems to be very fascinating when one is in school, as they say grass is always greener on the other side but...

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Delhi University Gets ‘A+’ NAAC Rating

The Delhi University has been ranked 'A+' in the NAAC review with a 3.8 CGPA. The review was held in the last week of...

ABVP Alleges NSUI and DU Administration of Connivance!

Recently, there have been big revelations about the kind of ill and crooked methods that the different parties practice in order to fetch that...
AISA and NSUI demand fresh elections

AISA and NSUI demand fresh elections for the Post of DUSU President!

ABVP's DUSU President Ankiv Baisoya was suspended from the organization pending an enquiry into his alleged fake marksheet. Baisoya had secured admission in MA Buddhist...