Generic Elective (GE) at Delhi University (DU) – About subject, How to choose and Importance

ge in du

About the Generic Elective subject at DU

Generic Elective subject at DU is also known as subsidiary subjects, after taking the admission in a particular course, your college will ask you to choose a Genric Elective subject along with your course.

This subject is given to almost every honours course, it should be different from your mainstream subject or core subjects, for paradigm- if you are a student of Political Science Hons then you can’t choose Political Science subject as your GE.

During these 3 years of the journey, this subject will be with you just for 2 years. Choice of this subject will totally up to you, you can choose any of the subjects seems interesting, rather than your core subject.

Most of the students feel that GE is quite scoring than our core subjects, it plays an important role to upgrade the CGPA.

You can change your GE whenever you want but the procedure depends on your college or department faculty.

Subjects in GE is varying from college to college as in LSR college the faculty provide GE in subjects like photography and some other vocational subjects.

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How to choose Generic Elective at DU

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You need to remember some significant points while choosing the GE, following points will help you to make your choice easy-

  • The first and foremost thing you need to remember is your interest because if the subject does not seems interesting to you then there is no point to study, as it will not going to feed you in the future.
  • Second thing is, you can relate your GE with your core subjects, it should be relatable so that your practical knowledge will improve or your concepts will be crystal clear.
  • You don’t need to copy your friend from the Hons course because everyone has their capacity and interest it might vary from person to person.
  •  Once you should check the syllabus of the GE  subject which you going to choose.
  • As I said, it can be scoring, but only when it will not seems hectic to you, so choose that subject which seems easy to you.

So choose your subject wisely with the view to increase knowledge in that.


As colleges provide this facility to the students, it means it helps students to some extent.

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Students can do a masters in that particular subject if they want to make a career because you can do a masters  in that subject only which you studied at least 200 marks in graduation.

You can also use this subject as pedagogy while you apply for B.ed.

Apart from this, it helps you to gain extra knowledge apart from your core subject, so you can mention this thing in your CV as well.

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