Olympics for India – Stimulate youth to participate

india before olympics

Preparation for Olympics in India

Olympics for India is a rigorous task during covid, although government officials had made contributions to become a superpower in sports. Sports are the fastest-growing industry. India is now home to multiple sports, and athletes have the potential to enlarge their dominance in Olympics.

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In 1948 India won its first gold medal in Olympics just after its independence and the amazing fact that the Great Britain was beaten by the Indian field hockey team.

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The ministry of youth affairs and sports has targeted the Olympic podium since 2014, officials diligently managed required stuff for the players, which had been adopted through a holistic approach. The standing committee on Education Women Children Youth and Sports had made a slew of recommendations. Provide adequate equipment to overcome the hindrance during practice,  required imminent survey to know the requirements of athletes, there would be a conspicuous notice to declare qualifications and selection procedure of athletes, availability of 561 vaccines for couches as eminent couches return to their respective countries in this pandemic.

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india prepare for olympics

To encourage Youth in Olympics

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Officials said that they would ensure the need to pay attention to athlete’s mental and physical health amid pandemics. Arrangement of medical staff and equipment like an X-ray machine and MRI is available in every training center to prevent the time of recovery or late treatments.

To stimulate youth in the Olympics especially women, made efforts to curb sexual harassment activities as designed all schemes and incentives in a gender-neutral manner. Their target is to proliferate 50% of women’s participation till the next Olympics.

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The availability of trained physiotherapists plays a vital role so that athletes would not face complications regarding pain and muscle swelling. Provided reservations to propel potential youth from underprivileged societies.

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Conducted webinar to strengthen knowledge about Anti Doping laws and how doping affects the human body.  The committee would proliferate the participation of cooperating sector to sponsor or provide better job profiles for medal-winning athletes.

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Essential steps in the draft

  • How to train an athlete who recovers from covid
  • Availability of better institution and support
  • Providing Human resource and technical support
  • Availability of medical assistance and Doping laws
  • Provide bio bubble safe environment before and during Olympic


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