Why should you worship?

Do you worship?

Society is engaged in an endless and futile debate about whether God exists or not. Those who are religious are keen to prove with their arguments that God exists. Those who are atheists are keen to prove that God doesn’t exist and they are continuously fighting among themselves for thousands of years.

Those who are atheists see worshiping as a sin and on the other hand, those who are theists are in a view that those who don’t worship are enemies of culture. The thing is, this debate is endless. New arguments will arise with time from both sides and if you are thinking that you will get answers to all your questions then you are in delusion.

Debate is the worst way to find the truth. It is a defense mechanism that you use just to prove that whatever you believe is the truth. Even if your belief gets proven then what is the value that you are getting? Just the pride that God exists or not.  

Let’s keep this debate aside in this blog and let’s understand the process of worshipping here. This is an apparent fact that no matter what the religion is, every religion has posited the value of worshiping. Even atheists are also aware of scientific evidence of spirituality and always tend to segregate it from religion. Being it Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, and all other religions, why is it so that there is a special significance to worshiping? Worshiping has its significance irrespective of religion.  

It reduces the anxiety 

Among many reasons for anxiety, one of the vital reasons is that you always make yourself responsible for whatever is happening to you. This activates your defense mechanism and you suffer anxiety when it gets out of your hands. Your mind will continuously produce thoughts even those that you don’t want. Worshiping is a process of depersonalization. It means this practice of worship will help you to make sure that you are not responsible for the things happening to you. This will make you calm and a wise decision-maker 

It fosters love 

The process of worshipping involves the love for existence. This expression of human emotions tends to foster the emotion of love. It tends to release the hormones including serotonin and endorphins that help you to feel fulfillment. Thus it protects the natural human emotion and will help you to be normal and kind in difficult situations 

It will help you to be happy 

The process of worshiping involves the expression of our happiness. This is like you do need not any specific reason to be happy. Happiness is your nature that takes its natural form during the process. When you tend to bow down to worship, it also means a kind of surrender to nature. You need not take charge of everything happening in the world. Let nature do its work. This surrender will help you to get relieved from the grievances of your life 

Will help you to get a cultural identity 

The method of worship that you are pursuing has its roots in your culture. Thus it tends to connect you to the culture you belong to and therefore prove your cultural identity. A clear identity in your mind will protect you from any kind of identity crisis and make yourself clear about what you are. The lesser the difference between your real self and ideal self, the more clear you will become in your life. 

Methods of worshiping 

Methods of worshiping may differ according to culture. Someone can sing to worship. Someone can just play a musical instrument. Someone will read. Someone will just bow down to earth for half an hour. Some can pray to nature. Someone can just be grateful for existence. No matter whatever is the method of worshiping.

One must worship for oneself, not for any other external reason. Remember worshiping itself is a process of detoxification. This will help you to grow as a person. It is very necessary to release the mental waste that has been accumulated on a daily basis in our lives. Thus if we don’t get detoxicated then this toxicity can ruin our life. This is the reason that nearly every culture in the world has developed various detoxification methods. 

Thus in a nutshell we shall conclude that worshiping is a process and way for detoxification. It is neither a matter of religion nor a matter of debate. It is a way of life that an intelligent person pursues. Thus we must work at least once a week in whatever way we want to provide aid to our body to survive in this existential world. It is nature and situations that are responsible for all the deeds happening to you. Thus it is not necessary that you need to alter the process. 


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