Indian Indie Bands: Sounds of Change

Nothing adds to the spirit of festivities better than music. How beautifully it sparks off the passion among the young blood and old school alike is something to behold. Christmas and new year are around the corner, so in keeping with the spirit of festivities, we bring forth the list of bands that have captured the imagination of the whole nation. Only this time around we ask you to try something new, with a tinge of Indian tadka, to tingle your senses to ear-gasmic sound and to give the much-needed push to our talented home-grown bands that are marking a niche for themselves in the world of music.

So, here’s presenting a list of Indie bands on who’s tunes you can dance the night off:

  • Parvaaz

Parvaaz’s music is the perfect embodiment of the transition that young India is going through today. In perfect sync with the global standards, yet with an intrinsic texture that is unique to it. This quartet from Bangalore seamlessly weaves lyrics in Hindi, Urdu and Kashmiri into contemporary western riffs which impart an earthy queerness to their music.

Ought to listen: Their chartbuster debut EP Behosh . You are sure to be blown away.

Genre: Psychedelic Blues, Sufi-rock

Tune in for:  for their unique brand of Indian-meets-western music.


  • Sulk Station

Sulk station came into being as a joint effort of duo Tanvi Rao and Rahul Giri. This duo from Bangalore creates the kind of music that ever so subtly allures you, immerses you completely and invariably leaves you wanting for more. Tanvi’s powerful yet restrained voice beautifully complimented with minimalist music production by Giri is sure to leave you mesmerised.

Ought to listen: Downlift and Bindya

Totally worth it

Genre: Electronic trip-hop/dubstep

Tune in for: Tanvi’s sensual vocals/ if minimalist music is your cup of tea.

Sulk Station

  • Begum

Begum is yet another such band that seems to hold a very promising future ahead of it. The band has deftly taken care of not boxing itself into a particular genre and has tried to explore myriad different themes in their debut LP.  Their music can be summed up as a kaleidoscope of psychedelia, tradition, reggae, rock and experimentalism.

Ought to listen: Debut LP Bagh

Genre: Dreamy, lo-fi experimental pop

Tune in for: the sheer amount of eclecticism this band stands for.


  • Soulmate

This duo from Shillong holds the distinction of single-handedly infusing new blood into the blues in India. Tripti, the vocalist of this blues band is one of the most vibrant and charismatic voice to emerge out of the India in the past decade. So if Blues is what you are feeling like listening to today, Soulmate is the perfect fit for you.

Ought to listen: Shillong, their chartbuster EP

Genre: Blues rock

Tune in for: the magic spell she casts with her soulful renditions/ the most amazing and detailed guitar riffs hands-down in the whole India.


  • Mink/Madboy

This duo is as different as cheese and chalk, both in their personas and the kind of music they draw inspiration from. But their poles-apart personalities are what lend a unique texture to their blend of music. It’s unpretentious, unique and honest, but mostly it is self-assured. So if funky and crazy is your kind, Mink/Madboy is a sure shot catch for you.

Ought to listen: Soulboy and Lemonade

Genre: Electro-Funk

Tune in for: To quell the deep-funk hunger of yours.

To bust the wallflower in you, because you simply cannot not dance whilst listening to their tracks.



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