Winter Dress up, everything that we all do wrong- A guide to do it right!

During winter months, we all want to look our best, but it’s just so hard to bundle up and still look great.
Winter is finally here! And so is the dress up dilemma.
A fall in the temperature outside should not be your reason to pack away all your clothes and bring them out only when the temperature rises.
All you need are some tips and hacks to get your look right this season.
The best way to dress up for a winter walk or an outing is to dd layers instead of a couple of very warm clothes. It will let you manage the temperature of your body according to the climate of the environment by just removing a layer if it’s a bit warm and adding up when the mercury falls!
We bring to you all the layering knowledge you need this season. Pay close attention

  • The first and foremost (basic) clothing to be worn before any other thing are thermals. Get a good pair of thermal wear (made of polyester/synthetic) and start with them. This will keep you warm and comfortable all day. Even if you sweat, this will keep you safe from those ugly rashes.
  • Next is the middle layer. This includes vests, sweaters, sweatshirts & pullovers. This layer will keep most of the cold outside and the body heat trapped inside to keep you warm.
    pic 1
  • Long johns or other warm leggings can be worn inside Jeans, Dress Pants or any other pants to provide warmth and layering to the legs.
    pic 2
  • Wearing Rexine or Leather jackets makes you look chic & smart providing a fashionable attire.
    pic 3
  • Wear a thick coat that falls below the waist, preferably reaching the knees. This will make you look cool and formal too.
    pic 4
  • Avoid cotton directly on skin as it does not provide any warmth.
  • Add scarves, gloves and caps to your style in order to enhance & complete the over-all look. Try wearing fashion scarves that have thick material and are broad.
    pic 6
  • Shawls or trendy throws can be worn over your regular clothing inside or outside. Throws made of polyester are extremely soft & very comfortable and keep you warm as well.
    pic 7
  • Since the feet and head are main areas from where heat escapes, warm feet ensure your entire body more warmth. Wearing thicker socks made preferably of wool helps in keeping your feet warm.





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