Why should you say sorry?

Why should you say sorry? 

Are you the one who loves someone so deeply heartedly but can’t say sorry when it’s not your mistake? Or Are you the one who hesitates to accept the mistake even after knowing that it’s your mistake? Are you the one who always finds it difficult to maintain a relationship even when you understand the person very well? Or Are you the one who generally remains angry because of the arrogance of your teacher or boss? Are you a leader who finds it difficult to manage your team’s arrogance? This is the blog which is specially for you. Consider it a gift from my side 😁. 

What does “sorry” refer to? 

From the primary school stage, what is being taught to us is that sorry is a word of apology that we only utter when we have committed a mistake. For instance: If a child breaks a glass, she/he would be told that you must be sorry about it. This is a general definition of this word that is now unanimously accepted.

The foundation is wrong and the provided definition of sorry is just a part of it. Sorry, first there is not a word of apology here as everyone knows. It is used to apologize, and it is possible that grammatically it means an apology. A person who can read between the lines must say that rather than being a word for the apology it is a word that act as evidence that indicates that you value the person more than whatever and whosoever has committed a mistake 

Here the person is in the limelight, not the mistake. This is the fact that we generally forget to teach our children. Whether you have committed a mistake or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the person to whom this emotion needs to be conveyed. Thus, the possibility that we must say sorry even when we are not guilty must not be ignored! 

The reason for increasing distance 

Nowadays we can generally observe that whatever the relation is, the density of the relation is not up to expectations. It is true that if any relation exists, being it a personal or professional relation the “ego” is the thing that creates hindrances in making any relationship very deep. Trust issues, suspiciousness, and all other similar things have a deep root in our inability to say sorry thereby increasing the distance between us.

Why is it necessary that I must say sorry when there is my mistake? Why is it necessary that just to value the person and person’s disagreement I can apologize? Remember guys that apology is just a symbol to value the person whom you love or have loved. It does not indicate that you are guilty of a crime that you will be punished for. Learn to say sorry just to maintain the relationship not to admit the mistake.  

It seems an obsolete joke that in a marital relationship only husbands need to say sorry. The reality is if both don’t learn this it is very difficult to nurture a healthy relationship 

Is pen your companion? 

Nowadays writing a written apology is a symbol of showcasing a superiority complex of the person to whom the letter may concern. Believe me, this was not the reason that we have developed this system of written apology. The main reason lies in the fact that if you are hesitant to apologize through your spoken words you can use the written. It was a choice, not a compulsion but because we love to make simpler things complex its meaning gradually changed. It is a time just to change the meanings of some simpler concepts and make it an easy way to go. Life is not about making simpler things complex but complex things simpler.  

Getting angry with a person doesn’t mean you don’t love. 

Sometimes situations may arise where you can disagree with the person whom you love. You can get angry with the person whom you love. But just because you are angry or in disagreement doesn’t mean you don’t love. It’s just a part and you must live it. The time when you will know that sorry is a powerful word you are in the first step of maturity. 

Conflict doesn’t mean you don’t care about someone you love. Anger, frustration, and disagreement are normal in relationships. They show how deep and complex your bond is. Working through disagreements can make your relationship stronger. Trust, communication, and respect can all grow when you handle conflict well. 

Apologizing after a fight shows you’re mature. It proves you care about the other person’s feelings and the relationship. Don’t be upset by arguments. They can help you learn and connect. Saying “sorry” can show your love and respect. It’s a sign of maturity and can make your bond even stronger.  

Learn to say sorry  

Apologizing can seem weak to some, but it’s a sign of strength. It takes courage to say sorry, putting relationships above pride. Not apologizing can harm relationships and hinder personal growth. By saying sorry, we learn from our mistakes and grow. 

In a fast-paced world, sincere apologies are rare but powerful. They can heal wounds and build trust. A genuine ‘sorry’ shows empathy, understanding, and a desire to make things right. It fosters deeper connections and a culture of forgiveness. Remember that we all are humans and it is human to commit mistake  

Next time you hesitate to apologize, think about the other person’s feelings. Saying sorry isn’t just fixing a mistake, it’s about caring for relationships and being humble. By apologizing, you build stronger connections and grow as a person. Please value the person whom you love. Value your colleagues. Try to empathize with the person and I promise you will not only grow as a person, but also people will like you. 

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