Life is an astounding endeavour,

with its startling avenues coiled around,

we swivel into them like marionettes,

Knowing not where to we are bound.


Its tangled paths amalgamate,

steadily and craftily they swerve,

with each crumb gorged with wonders

and contemporary encounters on every curve.


Strangers twirl to acquaintances,

acquaintances to the known,

known become the loved ones,

the ones whom we really own.


We hold hands and walk together

sharing joys and sorrows of  the spells of verve,

fostering breezy aeons of togetherness

and fabricating eternal bonds of ardour and fervour.


But these transient contentment,

twilight into the spanking veers

that secede the blissful brooks

and the sparkling stretches swap to memoirs


and these exquisite, treasured memories

serve as comrades of the solemn solitude,

lingering on the novel avenues of  evanescent life,

delimited by pristine vistas and attributes.


life is hence, a fleeting venture

through its diverse transitory phases.

And human beings dwelling in its armour

are meant to endure through the changes.


Those who adapt with optimism,

harbouring the integrity of the bygone,

it is for them these ever changing paths

Proceed to the unsurpassed epitome.

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