DU attendence policy: facing short attendence?

DU attendance policy: Facing short attendance? 

Delhi University semester exams are about to start and a new problem among students has arisen regarding attendance policy. Those students who are enrolled in regular courses and have attendance less than 67 percent shall not be eligible to appear in examinations (some conditions applied). This is creating anxiety among students to maintain the minimal requirement here. Colleges this time are very strict with their attendance policy. Gradually colleges are publishing their official notifications for students with low attendance. This blog will let you know the entire attendance policy of Delhi University and some measures that you can take to maintain a good attendance percentage in your college. Then we shall deal with questions about how viable this policy is in bringing regularity to the college.  How much necessary it is to have strict attendance measures in universities? 

DU attendance policy 

As per the current attendance policy of Delhi University, Students must have 66.67 percent attendance. It means that for all the classes that have been organized in the whole semester in regular courses, you must pursue 67 percent of the total number of classes. Those who can’t fulfill this criterion of attendance will not be eligible to appear in semester examinations for their respective course until conditions apply.

The circular from the Delhi University (DU)-affiliated college reads, “This is to inform all students having less than 67 percent attendance that they should report with their parents to the college…” 

In 2023 as per the report of TOI, 1397 students have been detained due to low attendance in their classes. This year also it is anticipated attendance that strict action will be taken against the defaulters of attendance. 

Relaxation in the attendance policy

Although a relaxation in attendance policy has been there in case of medical problems. If you have a medical problem, please submit your medical certificate to the college and thereby you can get relaxation accordingly. Also If you part of NSS, NCC, sports, or any other college society where you were engaged in any co-curricular activities then you can get attendance relaxation up to approximately 15 percent ( can differ by college policy). Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to maintain the total attendance without attending your regular classes.

Parent meeting: How much is viable? 

Colleges of Delhi University are now calling parents of defaulters inside the college campus. 

Recently Hansraj College has issued a notification to call the parents of those students who are defaulters This has created a huge problem for students especially in the case when they are immigrants in Delhi. For every parent, it becomes very difficult to travel to Delhi, if they are residing outside. Hansraj College Principal, Rama Sharma, justified the decision, citing past instances where parents were unaware of their wards’ attendance issues because the students had provided their email IDs instead of their guardians.   

However, Aditi Tyagi, SFI Delhi state committee member stated the problem in dealing with attendance, especially after the introduction to the new education policy in her words, “Students are made to attend classes on ‘how to be happy’, under the FYUP, which have mandatory attendance. Because of these extra subjects, classes now end at 5 pm. Many students, who usually are involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, are finding a huge chunk of their day being taken away by classes alone 


Thus it can be concluded that The stringent attendanceṄ policy of colleges is creating huge problems for their students. The continuous classes continuously for 5 hours with the demand to be present regularly creates a lot of problems for students. Thus next time if you don’t want to face this problem, either maintain your attendance or you can join any college society which is an advantage in this case. Also, colleges here must create a way for online meetings for those parents who can’t travel to Delhi on an immediate basis. By the end of the day please try to be present at classes whenever possible to avoid such difficulty.



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