Are you dating someone?

Are you dating someone?  

Genz is now in an era of dating. Where it tends to find a suitable partner for itself. Being a girlfriend or boyfriend seems to be an achievement nowadays. Those who lack any partner are somehow developing an inferiority complex. Having a partner in metro cities, especially in Delhi seems to be so important that dating is a public tradition nowadays. The thing is, how many of them are satisfied with their partner? How many of them get cheated? How many relationships are successful? How much does your love matter if you are a student? In what ways do people prefer to solve various relationship issues? These are some of the questions out of curiosity. The concept of dating and being in a live-in relationship is a Western concept accepted by India. However, dating in India has its unique way. Singles have their problems here.  

How are you choosing your partner?


Nowadays social media apps are very prominent in providing partners. Apps like Tinder, boo, and Bumble are at the forefront to provide matches to you. Moreover, every new application comes with some new features and characters for choosing your partner. Someone just choose it by swiping memes and someone likes to choose based on personality types.   

In offline mode, this is apparent, especially on college campuses. It is very easy to see couples enjoying themselves together in the college gardens. Public proposals are very rare but still apparent. Colleges, metro, and malls are now full of Genz couples who get into a kind of relationship that gets its new name every day. Sleeping on the shoulders of your partner is one of the prominent scenes seen in the metro that makes a huge crowd of singles daydream. But the question here is how successful these Genz couples are in their relationships. 

This is a well-acceptable fact that if you see another dimension of the pink side of these relations, the huge number of breakups are also very common. When someone falls deeply for someone it generally tends to develop over-possessiveness. Thereafter one tends to put obtundations and finally, these relationships end in breakups. Thinking of a term like, “break-up party” or “Subh sawere uth ke maine ye sab kar liya” seems to be very lenient in movies. But the actual break-up is not a matter of party. It tends to push a person towards being hopeless. The mental health of any person can easily get distorted when one doesn’t get healthy results out of toxic relationships.  

Thus in a nutshell it will not be wrong to say that Genz is actually in a confusion about whether they should be in a relationship or not. Being in a relationship will tend to push you into the vicious circle of relationships and not going into it will lead you to feel excluded. This then develops very complex relationship strategies such as friends with benefits, which is not at all a very healthy alternative to the problem. It increases the confusion, and possessiveness with your partner and your dignity is vulnerable to getting hampered. 

Are you trapped in any relationship?  

As the aforementioned paragraph described it can be possible that you are in a vicious circle of such relationships. The mistake in the choice of your partner makes you bound to act in a certain way that generally tends to take you away from your real self. This becomes generally apparent in the world of social media. This starts just with a friend request on Instagram and then ends with a breakup or gaslighting someone. People who are very lonely from the inside tend to find multiple relationships for themselves and they already have a goal that they can break up in the future. Thus this thing has come to a point of “time pass” in the era. Believe me, this is not the way that this generation should move.   

If you are facing such issues in your relationship, then you are in a rattrap. You will either find it very easy to get out of a relationship or it will be very difficult for you to get out of there. Both these conditions will make you anxious and it will develop a kind of trust issue within you. This is pushing our generation not to be trustworthy people.   

Do you want a healthy relationship?  

Thus, it becomes very important for us to keep ourselves away from all such clutter in this era. Here are some tips that you must follow if you want a healthy relationship: –  

  1. Right choice:

    Please don’t depend only on matching your vibes as this is a very temporary thing that you seek in your partner. Your partner needs to necessarily be completely perfect. Also, it is always not necessary that he/she must agree upon the stance that you like. Try to accept the differences rather than putting boundations and you will find a very fulfilling relationship with your partner  

  1. Faith:-

    Once you have made the decision, please never suspect your partner. It is your decision therefore you must have faith in your partner. In India, this is a common proverb that “ Faith is the foundation of any relation” so please maintain it.   

  1. Never advise until necessary:

    Remember this is an emotional relationship, not a business one. You are emotionally dependent on your partner thus you must provide some space for making decisions. You must not advise your partner at every step but please try to support whatever decision is being made. This will make your relationship stronger.  

  2. Please never think of break up as a solution:

    One of the memes on Instagram that went viral was that a girl had just broken up with her boyfriend because he did not have any flowers on Valentine’s Day. The meme can be hilarious but please control yourself to think of breakup as a solution. If you already decided on a prior basis that you will end up with a breakup, then you will end up.

  3. Try to nurture your relationship:

    Remember your relationship is a gift for you. Please give it time and try to nurture it. Remember the fact that your partner rather than being a distraction can be a great support for you  

Thus in a nutshell we can say that there was a reason that marital relations were made permanent in our culture. To have a very healthy relationship, you have to fulfill your duties here. Avoiding cheating on someone else can itself for your life in a very good manner. Remember, expecting someone else better than your partner is just an illusion. 


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SOURCE" It is you who will maintain your relation"
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