Ignorant towards politics? You shouldn’t be!

Anything and everything that affects us, the way we behave, the way we act, our every action, is called politics.

We as human beings are always confused about the real meaning of politics, we misinterpret it in many ways, sometimes , and not sometimes but most of the times we imagine that politics is not related to us in any way. This is one of the main reason why we are so much ignorant towards our government, its policies, its action and towards any program that is launched by it. Laughing in front of TV channel, criticizing the government, abusing our leaders, is a common notion and people do it but have we ever given it a serious thought, have we ever tried going deep inside it, have we ever researched that if some program is launched by  the government then they must have done it under some circumstances and have we ever given it a serious thought. Our ignorance towards the society and the way of governance, have given the imperialist and fascist forces power to exploit the very essence of living.  They have attacked on every possible aspect of life, ruining it in every possible way.

It’s not that we all are silent about whatever is happening, majority of us are, but still some people come out in front, raise their voice against the juggernaut of the powers, try struggling, but after some days it generally dies out. The process of dying out is very common as seen in the Indian context. Any burning issue will be picked up by the media, on the very first day every media house will cover it, there will be debates and discussions over it, but after some days they even stop talking about it, like it has been solved or there is no further need to  lay stress over it. There is a silence all around regarding that issue, and only dust keeps on settling over it.

This very concept of ignorance, we have seen this from the very beginning of our life and this thing that devastates our mind to such a great extent that it becomes a very common habit for all of us. Students even after coming to  universities don’t realize the importance of education policy that is made at central level, such is the extent of ignorance. Even if we keep the idea of education policy aside, because this might appear a very whopping issue, they don’t even take part in the elections at college level. They think that the so formed students union, they won’t require the help of them and that’s why they don’t even come to vote. The voting day for them has become an holiday where they prefer watching a movie over voting. The so called dumb-intellectual class that we are building, and this thing can be a result of western influence, has took control over our brains and spoiled it. This thing has become a new trend and this class has become the so called ‘cool’ class. Everyone wants to be a part of this but no one wants to really address the issues. We think that it is an out of box thing for us and so it will not impact our lives. But the reputation of any college or university depends on how active the students union is, its students are and how much concerned they are about the future of this country. It feels like that the very feeling of patriotism has died out in us and it has become a very common notion.

There are very few universities left which are funded and run by the government. The level of education in these universities is already degrading day by day and the government is taking every possible step to privatize education as much as possible. We being the youth of country, the future of country, the so-called leaders, must learn how to raise our voice and how to make it more effective. We can’t be so much egomaniac that we don’t even give a thought about the future generations. There are a lot of issues that needed to be addressed at an immediate level, otherwise they will ruin the future. With increased extent of private education, the student politics have already died out, because private universities never allow such type of thing to exist, in their dictionary no such word ‘politics’ exist. Their main aim is to make a student so much  indulge in course books that he can’t even think about other aspects. And when any political organization of a government college tries raising their voice against the system, the people sitting in the parliament have a policy of crushing them, just like the recent incidents in JNU, HCU etc. Why will they want anybody to disrupt their comfort. There is an urgent need for all the students to mobilize themselves and raise their voice, since the future of any country depends on  how much active their youth is. Otherwise its consequences will be so severe, that even survival will become difficult and at that time we will have no one to blame. The ‘ignorance’ that we are living in has severe consequences and a time will come when this system, like a termite, will eat up our future. so to be more aware is the need of time and only a students revolution can shake this system. Stand up, face the danger, fight for your rights, because we have got this land after a great amount of bloodshed of our freedom fighters. They wanted that each citizen should get access to basic facilities and he/she can  breathe freely but now the time has come when we need to stand against our own people, because they are the only danger. Remember that our every action, from the very moment we woke up, to the moment we sleep is politicized, nothing happens without politics, and our negligence towards this factor will only spoil our lives.

Rishabh Jain

Content Writer

DU Times

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