About: Daulat Ram College Hostel

Daulat Ram College hostel founded in 1974, is exclusively meant for undergraduate women students of Daulat Ram College.

The hostel has provided much facility. Apart from various facilities the hostel provides, every care is taken to ensure a comfortable and a happy stay for the resident students. It is proud of its successful and illustrious alumnae for whom it was always ‘away from home’.

Accommodation and facilities:

* All rooms are fitted with ceiling fans and an A.C.

* Shared rooms

* Each room is provided with one wardrobe, one desk, a chair and a cot for each student.

* The bathrooms are fitted with geysers.

* The Matron in consultation with the warden allocates the rooms.

* Facility of ironing.

* Computers have been installed with internet connection in a separate room.

* Hostel has well laid out lawns and gardens helpful in peaceful and conductive environment for studies.

Procedure for admission:

Hostel prospectus and application form for admission will be available at the college office on payment of Rs120-

  • The 1st year undergraduate student desiring admission in the hostel should submit the application form. This application should be submitted in the college office.
  • Admission in the hostel will be done only on the basis of registration after admission to the college.
  • A photocopy of class12 mark sheet must be attached with the application form.
  • The candidate has to personally appear for the interview accompanied by her local guardian and parents.
  • If students do not avail of a hostel seats when offered, they will lose their priority in waiting list.
  • Students on the waiting list are advised to check the college official website for relevant information.
  • When admitted, within two working days the student must pay the hostel fee.
  • Local guardian must a resident of Delhi to the satisfaction of authorities.
  • Students seeking readmission must contact the hostel warden in the working days.
  • Foreign students may contact the hostel office through their local guardians.

Re- admission:

  •  Students will be admitted on the basis of merit only.
  • Readmission is made afresh every year with all the formalities applicable to anew admission.
  • Admission will not be granted to the students who fail in the University Examination or if she fails to secure 66% attendance in lectures and tutorials etc.

Rules and regulations:

  • Resident students will be granted only that type of leave for which their parents have given approval.
  • Before availing leave, prior sanction shall be obtained from the matron at least a day before, daily entered in the permission slip.
  • Daily leave is allowed to students after classes’ up to 7:p.m. in winters and 7:30 in summers.
  • Strict action is taken again the students, who abet other students, whether in breaking the rules or in undermining the discipline in hostel.
  • To leave station, the permission of the warden must be obtained.
  • Only lady visitors will be allowed to stay in the rooms on Hostel Guest Night Function.
  • Playing of tap- recorders and games in the corridors, verandas, and hostel lawns is not allowed.
  • No additional furniture will be allowed in the rooms.
  • The use of any electric appliances inside the rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • Silence bell rings at 9:45p.m. After which all hostlers are expected to be there in their rooms.

The hostel is under the control of the principal of the college whose authority is final in all matters. She is assisted by the warden, and the hostel committee which is responsible in all the matters.

Subodh Gajraj

Content Writer, DU Times

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