Navratri Nayika: DU Celebrates Navratri with All-Female “DUSU President” Initiative

“If you refuse to participate in politics, accept to be governed by your inferior” ~ Pleto

This year, the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) is celebrating Navratri with a unique twist. Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) has decided to empower and encourage women by “One-Day President” initiative. This initiative was inspired by the famous Bollywood movie “Nayak,” where the protagonist becomes Chief Minister for one day. DUSU has decided to appoint a female student as president for each of the nine days of Navratri. This initiative mainly focuses on increasing women participation in student politics.


According to current DUSU president, Tushar Dedha, the Union has failed to have a female secretary for the last 15 years. He points out that the last female president was Nupur Sharma in 2008-09. Sharma was in headlines during the controversial statement regarding prophet Mohammed in June 2022. Dedha says, this one-day president program will encourage women to speak up for their rights and enter into politics.

The ‘Nayika’s of Navratri 

What are the thoughts of the chosen presidents? What do they want to introduce in their 24 hours tenure? Here are few glimpses-

Sakshi Patel, a final-year student, focuses on affordable educational resources. She proposes setting up book banks in every college to provide textbooks and study materials to students facing financial difficulties. According to her, DUSU has lacked female presidents over the years. To change the situation it is very important for female students to come in front and take part in student politics activity.


 Anshita Chauhan, a first-year student, has also been nominated for one day as president. The 20 year old kid is brimming with excitement. When she was asked about her policies, she preferred to emphasize student safety and well-being.  She particularly pointed out that those who are living in rented accommodations (PGs) face various kinds of difficulties. She proposes a DUSU-led program to inspect these problems and create more affordable stays for students.

Preeti Singh Jain, a second-year student, highlighted the importance of academic exchange programs. According to her, DU should implement student exchange programs on a regular basis. This would allow students to explore different academic environments and broaden their educational experiences. She proposed that at least every student should get a chance to spend at least one semester in another college.

Shyama Arunbhai Trivedi, a final-year student, brings attention to the needs of differently-abled students. She feels that existing support programs are often inactive. Though she is a symbolic president, she has chalked out her plan. Having one day in hand, she will work on for the betterment of the specially abled students. 

Symbolic but Significant 

By all the proposals and narratives we have heard, it leads to one important conclusion. This Navratri in Delhi University is completely different from other years. Finally the female students are coming out of their shell and sharing their thoughts. As a whole it will enhance the community and hopefully generate a holistic environment for education. Their thoughts are quite impressive and hopefully it will be implemented by the union even after their term ends.


With the last female president in 2008-09, DUSU has lacked strong female representation. This initiative allows female leaders to come up and claim their rightful space in student politics. It sends a powerful message: women belong at the decision-making table.

The limited term of the one-day presidency might seem like a symbolic gesture. However, it can be a small beginning of long-term change. Such young girls will have an experience of responsibilities and hopefully understand the potential in them.

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