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“College is the best time of your life. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night?” 


Leaving the school , our loving class mates with thousand of dreams one enters the college to a completely different world out of one’s comfort zone. Well one might be used to the school culture but as soon as you indulge in college a new life begins with lots of lessons and loads of genuine mirth.

Though the period is entirely new and welcoming, I would like to share some differences one faces in college as compared to high school with a motive to help one overcome the fear, anxiety and be prepared for the best part :

1) Well college might end in 3 years but the experiences one gets here are tantamount to those in school. You might be aware of everyone in your class in high school but here one is confined to their own groups.

2) Societies own a big part of your college life and you end up finding friends for life from them unlike being restricted to your classmates or students in similar courses.

3) Specially for outstation candidates it’s a phase of freedom everyone looks up but has its own limitations with no more of your favorite food and a messy room awaits you as you return from college.

4) The teachers are not bothered by your presence or absence in class and no one forces you to attend the classes you hate.

5) The period freshers enjoy the most is the election tenure where every senior tries to be fine and dandy to you and this is the time you socialize the most and end up getting free food, movie tickets and gifts.

6) The students entering in Delhi university with high percentages suddenly turn deaf ear to studies and are usually on pins and needles in the last one month.

7) In your school studies prioritize everything but here the ECA part overtakes them all and you devote a lot of time to your societies.

8) College comes with all kind of societies starting from Dramatics to Western Dance to Culinary Society, how weird it might sound but Delhi university believes in brushing all kind of skills.

9) You are no more busy with classes the whole day instead you spend more time hanging out with friends so do not feel guilty if you bunk classes customarily.

10) And lastly you are over the period where you care how one looks and what is really taken into consideration is one’s ideas for life and how innovative they are ending the era of good looks.


Though the college might all seem fun but these years are deciding years of your life and at the end its career which matters the most so work as hard as possible, learn as much you can, enjoy in every possible situation and you will see why these three years are the best three years of your life.


Milandeep Bhatia

Writer – DU Times




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