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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Statue of Unity: Patel’s Statue, world’s tallest, to be inaugurated next month

Hey Delhiites! It’s a matter of pride to share that PM Narendra Modi will inaugurate a statue of Sardar Patel, described by Gujarat’s government as...
Rise of Durga Me Too

Rise of Durga : Me Too!

Durga Pooja, a famous festival celebrated widely across India. Each one of us know the significance held by the same which is the victory...

The ‘Help Desk Circus’ in Delhi University

The admission time in Delhi University is back, the times when everything seems confusing, astounding and sometimes hilarious! The times when you will meet a...

An Inhuman Profession

It is something unthinkable and loathsome in a modern, civilized society! Profession of cleaning toilets without any protective equipment. Yes, it exists and it...
self hatred

Where self hatred is leading us to?

“Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me why I am not beautiful at all?” A teardrop rolled down her dusky cheek as she asked...

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Types Of Students You Confront In An Examination Hall

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Types of people at Water Park

Types of people at Water Park

Well, my waterpark plan finally worked out last month and trust me Holy smokes what a day it was. So I thought of writing...
Types Of People You Will Confront On Holi

Types Of People You Will Confront On Holi

Holi is a festival of no judgments perhaps, that’s why most of our action can pass off under the garb of “bura na maano holi...