Delay in CUET results is a test of patience!

The Waiting Game: CUET Results and Student Anxiety

Amid Neet UG scam allegations, NTA is working on reforms to the examination system. However, the results of CUET UG are still in the pipeline. Children are waiting for their results as they will be the gateway to their dream universities. This can also affect the academic calendar due to this delay in results. 

The CUET UG results were expected to be released by the 30th of June. However, NTA is still on the line to clarify anything regarding the date of results awaited. . On the one hand, postgraduation admissions are on the way and the other hand, under-graduation admission can only start after the results of CUET get released. 

“We are ready with the admission procedure. If there are delays, it might impact our admissions calendar, but we are advising students to wait patiently,” said a DU official. 

A burnout

Mr Pandey, who is also the Delhi chief of the All India Parents’ Association, said, “Because of NTA’s inefficiency, many students have started applying to private colleges. This will push well-off students into private colleges and lead to segmentation of students based on their family’s income.” 

Students are demanding that Universities should start their admission procedure based on their 12th score. As many students started to enrol themselves in private Universities, it is not a possible option for students who come from an economically weaker background leading to a divide.  

“NTA should be considerate towards students’ future, given the fact that more than 250 universities accept CUET UG results,” said Muskan Vijayvargiya, an aspirant from Jaipur. 

Thus in a nutshell we can say that such a delay in releasing the results of the CUET examination is a test of patience by NTA. Students generally remain ambiguous at this stage regarding their future and career. Such situations can lead to burnout for students. The credibility of NTA with its performance this year is a questionable matter!  


The Hindu, MSN

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