Sher-o-Shayari in DU: How is the idea?

Are you a shayar?

Sher or Shayari has a very rich cultural history in India. It is one of the important and famous ways to express emotion in Urdu and Hindi literature. Where your emotions get expressed in versatile words or Urdu language that gives the essence to your emotion. Thus in Urdu and Hindi literature sher-o-Shayari has a very significant role to play.  

Ranging from Shayar  Mirza Ghalib to Iqbal, we can witness the grandeur of Sher in India. There are many, who have made their careers through sher-o-shayri in entertainment and educational industry. Thus the significance of this talent has a vital role to play in today’s Indian social context 

Sher o Shayari is a concept that is unique to India. Although it is apparent in many other South Asian countries, the grandeur of its development in India has its own story. 

Delhi University is one of the reputed universities in this country. So why keep our students apart from such a talent which is getting diminished day by day? 

Why sharyi is a talent? 

Everyone has human emotions but not everyone can express them. It is the method of expression that any person connected with literature in any way gains fame in this industry. Shary incorporates choosing the appropriate words in a rhythm and tuning that provides the essence of the feeling that one wants. Thus if a person is a good shyer then a person is a good persuader as it involves the linguistic skills required.  

The fact that persons who have an upper edge in language always have an extra advantage in the field in which they are working. Along with what we want to say, the way we say it affects a lot. Proposals through Shayri, shayri involves feelings of respect, love, hate, etc. are not very novel concepts. Thus the domain that Sharyi is holding has its significance. 

Thus a person who has very good linguistic skills in the field of Shayri is unique from person to person. Uniqueness is the thing that provides this skill fame of talent 

For instance  

In English we say “ Out of all people, you misunderstood me” but in sharing, you will refer to it in a way, “ Use meri beat ab samjh me nahi aati, jo meri khamoshiyon ki tafseer likha karta tha” 

Also in English, we say, “It’s overthinking” but in Shayri, you will say, “Wo bate kha gayi mujhko jinko pee gaya tha me” 

Why not have sher-o-shayari societies in DU? 

College societies play a very vital role in the holistic development of students. Thus to have a good linguistic development, to have cultural pride, and to enjoy memories, why can’t we start societies is Delhi University that will solely deal with sher—o – shayri? How is the idea to hold inter-college competitions to organize Sher-o-Shayari at Delhi University that will help all literature enthusiasts to participate in such competitions? 

Unfortunately, this culture is missing in campuses which led to a waste of linguistic talent from campuses. Thus there is a need that we must move forward to establish such a society in nearly every college at Delhi University that will help to holistic development of students. We must not forget the fact that our ex-prime minister dr. Manmohan Singh was also a good fan of Shayri and his answers in the form of Shayari in parliament are still trending on Instagram. 

How will it add value to students? 

  1. It will help students to appreciate their culture through this. It will help in the development of national pride. 
  2. This will upskill the linguistic ability of students to put their emotions in an interesting way 
  3. It tends to  foster creativity among students to innovate new ideas and learn new words to put things forward 
  4. It will help studnets to learn teamwork and community building. It will help students to apply this knowledge in their practical life 
  5. It tends to help students learn emotional intelligence and remove the fear of public speaking from their hearts through the culture of appreciation in sher –o-shayri( irshad) 

Thus in a nutshell, we must say that this culture of sher- o-shayri must be developed at Delhi University. This will provide a good stress relief time for students from their hectic schedule of the whole day. This can only be possible through cumulative action of all of us. The essence of sharyri is well known among the civilized community of writers. For instance, one Shayr expresses the need for affiliation in his words, “ Koi puch le humse ki kis baat ka gam hai toh kis baat ka gam hai ki wo puch le humse” Thus gys its time for new initiative. Please ask your teachers and authorities to initiate this idea. I assure you that it will be a really good experience. 

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