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Fashion and Economic Development

Fashion is more than just clothing; it is a multibillion-dollar sector that drives economic growth, promotes innovation, and offers job opportunities around the world....

What to expect from the DU Cutoffs of 2021 !

Delhi University released its cutoffs for the admission into Undergraduate Courses a day before. Maintaining its image of Releasing Sky rocketing cutoffs, almost every DU college...

How is Bcom Hons different from Bcom Programme?

With the results being announced of 12th standard by the Central Board of Secondary Education and the cut off lists of Delhi University to...

Discipline : A major necessity for Students

Discipline is a very important part of life. It implies an orderly manner of living and conducting oneself. Discipline is essential in every sphere...
5 Mind Blowing Movies

5 Mind Blowing Movies You Must Watch Before The Lockdown Ends

Got bored binge watching shows or reading books? Here we have curated 5 mind blowing movies that are must to watch before this lockdown...

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Moral argument for god

Introduction:This article aims to understand the very moral basis for explaining the existence of god. It deals with the essential dynamics of the unsurpassable...

Existence of god: from & beyond human experience

Introduction: In this article, we attempt to understand the very basis for the formulation of the ontological argument to prove the existence of god....

Nurturing Leadership Skills in College: A Holistic Guide

Title: Nurturing Leadership Skills in College: A Holistic Guide Introduction  Hello! Have you ever stopped to think about how you could really turbo-charge your leadership during...

Adventure Sports: Fostering Leadership Skills in College

Adventure Sports: Fostering Leadership Skills in College Introduction: Adventure sports, widely-regarded as no more than adrenaline-producing endeavours, have the power to transform college students deeply. Whether...