What to do in Rainy Season: GET WET GO DUites!

With the city soaking up with the sporadic and dramatic rains, it’s time for us to soak in some post monsoon extravaganza. And for this we need to firstly shun the thought of missing your college on a breezy, seemingly rainy day, which it feels like nowadays, and rather take the plunge to dare the rain on the college day.
I’m sorry if I sound like a preachy talker but believe me my friends, in my five years spent at DU Campus, I can assuredly say that that the rainy days of college come first before my eyes as I take a trip down the memory lane. Those days, catching up at Tom Uncle’s for a hot and fuming plate of Maggi noodles ( sorry..for it’s now a matter of history), or a boiled strong, hot cup of tea or momos among other refreshing snacks, still bring back a bundle of memories of the monsoon time at college. Though the rains could sometimes be a menace too, seeing the amount of road blackages, travelling woes among the trouble of getting wet with the best of your clothes, it could be the most pleasant experience when the rain has stopped and sunshine peeks it’s way down to the windowpanes of our classrooms.
Again I’m not advocating to battle so many troubles, especially if you are putting up at far off places from your college, as it is important to be safe and healthy. All I wish to convey through my experience is the fact of being participant in the beauty of the campus during rains when nature is in its full bloom and the air you breathe in, seems less polluted is worth experiencing. Plus there is the added advantage of making new friends and acquaintances while sharing umbrellas or sharing a drive on the rickshaw. So much collective happy bearing with the rains. You might crib for a while but later your ‘ college rainy days’ will come flashing upon your eyes few years later.
Cheers & Beware! of the extra charges that the rickshaw pullers ask for during a rainy day especially at North campus 😛
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