Psychology: Is it right after 12th?

Thinking of Psychology after 12TH? 

A wide variety of confusion can be seen regarding the choice of subjects after 12th, especially for students of humanities. The infamous myth about the subject of humanities is that the scope here is too narrow as compared to subjects of science and commerce. Believe me, psychology is the evidence that such a myth breaker exists. If you are interested in the science of mind and behavior.

Are you interested in studying the mind dynamics? If you want to move toward the career of Being a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, teacher, professor, and many more then this is the one of most fascinating disciplines that you must move towards. I assure you that this will not be your mistake. This blog will cover the entire scope, possible careers, anticipated income, the passion that lies here, and its sub-discipline that you must know before taking psychology in graduation. 

Scope and subparts: – 

Psychology consists of a variety of subparts inclusive of  

  1. Clinical psychology- Clinical psychology mostly deals with mental health issues and solving psychological disorders. If you want to be a therapist to treat various kinds of disorders. Then this is the place that you must move to.
  2. Counselling psychology- Their role is mainly to solve individual or personal problems. They professionally guide the career field and make important decisions.
  3. Child psychology- If you want to work with children for their motor and psychological development and help them overcome their problems. This is the discipline that you must pursue
  4. Forensic psychology- It deals with cognitive analysis, brain imaging, and model-based procedures to enhance perception. They also work with criminal psychologists to solve various crime-related issues
  5. Organizational psychologist- Many HRs are from this field of psychology. I you want to be in the field of organizational behavior this is the region that you must step on. This is perhaps the wealthiest subject nowadays in monetary terms.

This is just the cherry on the cake. If you want to check the further processes here and about the licensing processes and other sub-disciplines, please check the provided website 

Click here to Go to the RCI website 

Anticipated income: – 

As per data from 2023 the average income in the field of psychology is as follows: – 

Psychiatrist 4.79 LPA
Industrial/Organisational Psychologist 4.25 LPA
Neuropsychologist 5 LPA
School Counsellor 3.02 LPA
Clinical Psychologist 3.55 LPA
Forensic Psychologist 5.65 LPA
Counselling Psychologist 3.62 LPA
Academic Psychologist 7.7 LPA
Child Psychologist 5.8 LPA


Why DU for psychology? 

Delhi University is among the top universities in the world providing psychology Hons degree. The diversity and the holistic environment help in the proper nurturing of budding psychologists. What a psychologist needs is an environment that fosters practical learning.

It must provide the exposure that those students need to work, and this is the same as what DU is providing. Being a psychologist is a matter of pride if you can continue it till a Ph.D. For any kind of research work, the government sponsors your research and the reputation you get is another bowl of rice.

Moreover, the networking opportunities and collaborations available at DU extend the avenues for groundbreaking research and professional growth. These collaborations often transcend disciplinary boundaries, fostering innovation and interdisciplinary dialogue.

As a result, graduates emerge not only with a deep understanding of psychology but also with a broader perspective that enriches their approach to problem-solving and societal challenges. Additionally, the global recognition of Delhi University’s psychology program opens doors to international opportunities, further enhancing the career prospects and academic pursuits of its graduates.

In essence, Delhi University’s psychology program not only equips students with the knowledge and skills needed for success but also empowers them to make meaningful contributions to the field on a global scale. 

College with degrees in psychology

S.No. College                                              Seats→  UR SC ST OBC Minority EWS
1 Aryabhatta College 23 9 4 16 —- 6
2 Bharati College (W) 23 9 4 15 —- 6
3 Daulat Ram College (W) 19 7 3 12 —- 5
4 Indraprastha College (W) 26 10 5 18 —- 6
5 Jesus and Mary College (W) 25 N/A N/A N/A 25 N/A
6 Kamala Nehru College (W) 23 9 4 16 —- 6
7 Keshav Mahavidyalaya 16 6 3 11 —- 4
8 Lady Shri Ram College (W) 25 9 5 17 —- 6
9 Lakshmi Bai College (W) 23 9 4 16 —- 6
10 Mata Sundri College (W) 31 N/A N/A N/A 31 N/A
11 Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences (W) 23 9 4 16 —- 6
12 Zakir Husain Delhi College 23 9 4 15 —- 6

The major problem in psychology at DU  

 It can easily be observed that the majority of the colleges are women’s colleges providing seats for psychology.  It means for males there are only three options to choose from Aryabhatta College, Kesav Mahavidyalaya, and Zakir Hussain College. So, it narrows our limits for male students to choose from which college they want to pursue the degree.

Thus, there is an urgent need for Delhi University must increase the choices of male students too who want to pursue a degree in psychology. Recently Du has been working on the construction of its west and east campuses too which is a ray of hope to have multiple choices while filling out the preference sheet in DU. 

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