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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Four comfortable yet chic outfits that can be worn to college

Hey there! Do you want to wear a chic yet comfortable outfit to college? If yes, I’m here to share a few ideas with...

The Growing Culture of Delhi University Dance Circuit

Delhi University provides a back support to the title given to Delhi of being the Cultural Capital of the country by promoting and encouraging...

India in crisis

The clock keeps ticking , the sun sets down to rise up with a new hope for a better tomorrow. Colonial rule died and  ...

15 ways College is Different from School

College sounds pretty great, right? May be that’s because it is! College can mean different things to different people, but one common belief for most...

Hard Earned Money or Dad’s Money?

In today’s world there are millions of opportunities all around. One just needs a skill and further he can earn a living through that...

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National Youth Day

DU celebrates National Youth Day!

National Youth Day is celebrated on 12th January marking the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda! On the auspicious occasion of the day, ABVP in DU...
ABVP against NOTA

ABVP against NOTA!

Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarti Parishad to launch a nationwide campaign against NOTA or to vote for 'None of the Above' candidate for a particular seat. A...
DUTA Strike

National Strike called by the Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) for Dignified Employment!

The beginning of the new year marked the beginning of the DUTA's anger over the non-action of the VC on the issue of the...
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