Internship Culture: The pressures on a student

In this competitive economy, it is hard to find good jobs, but the very fact that you are college undergrad or graduate makes it even worse. You get stuck in this infinite loop of getting a job and gaining work experience and find yourself asking, ”How I am supposed to gain work experience if I am turned down for not having any?”

Not having any experience while you are a student puts you behind other candidates who did acquire some experience.

This is where work internships provide a solution to our problem. These internships provide a hope of gaining an advantage over the millions of other job seekers.

In today’s world, even employers insist on internships that prove a candidate is employable. That is why students run after internships to get a certificate in the expectation of a glorifying job offer.
Internships open up the way for students to increase their chances of getting hired for full time positions in their future.
By doing an internship, a student gets a reference letter added up to his résumé which is now of utmost importance to be eligible for a job.

A college going student has to manage a lot of activities with academics. One has to manage to acquire the required or rare skills that make him qualified for his dream job.
In the run of survival of the fittest, the students have to stress themselves to the point of attaining all that is needed to make a better future. No one wants to be lagged behind.
We have to be ready with all we have to attack the opportunity waiting. These internship certificates work as the paraphernalia of every student to land up in a good place after graduation.
We try to get as many as we can to fit into a specific job prospect. We juggle between work and studies.
We speed up things and do what all it takes and this might make us lose interest in our passion sometimes.

Outstation students have to work towards their academics, co-curricular activities, sports, internships, going to their hometown and maintaining their lives in a different town, all together. Multi-tasking isn’t easy. This creates an anxiety among them as to gain something they have to lose a bit of the other.
It might even push a person to the point of desperation to become the best among the rest. The enthusiasm is lost somewhere. It is not what a student deliberately does. It is just another side of being competitive.
But at the end all that matters is that our efforts turn fruitful and we reach where we belong.

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