It is okay to not to feel okay

from the past few days we all have been reading a lot of posts on mental health and how people are recognizing it. It gives me a lot of content and happiness that finally people are acknowledging the fact that when a person does not behave according to the rules laid out by the society or a section of society   he or she is not out of their mind.

sometimes you might feel as if you are failing at life but remember you are not alone every individual out there is fighting a battle and no matter what you are strong enough to fight every situation. Above all it is absolutely okay  to not to feel okay. It is fine to feel anxious it is fine to feel depressed it is fine to feel like not doing anything


validate who you are validate what you are feeling even if its anxiousness or happiness you have the right to feel weak. Even action requires some rest give yourself the permission to do both.

Remember that you know to cope you have done it before you can do it again don’t run from a situation because one way or the other its going to come back at you. You can follow your dreams no matter what there is always hope we just need to find it in the right place.

You can follow your dreams regardless of what you are going through and even if you are not able to fulfill them congratulate yourself for reaching wherever you could after all it’s the small steps that count.

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Alizba Khan
Alizba is pursuing philosophy honours from DU. She is naturally outgoing and conversational which makes her result oriented. She also has a steady mode of motivation which helps to give her 100%.


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