Travel and getaway from Boredom

Its September now and monsoon has been showering on us without any stop. This season is the best to travel and get away from the regular routine that everyone is following since the first day of the year.

Here are the best 5 places one can surely travel to:


The land of positivity and tasty food. North Indian cuisines are always to die for and not to forget the holy place- Golden Temple. This city is filled with lush and greenery.


Its paradise for peace seekers. It’s a place to travel in Arunachal Pradesh with a warm and welcoming climate.


Looking forward to calm and beautiful environment? Lachen it is. The hill station is the best and enduring to getaway with.

West Bengal

Doars of West Bengal is one of the best destination of North East India for adventurers and travellers.


All of us look forward to gaze stars at night, hence Tarkali in Mahrashtra is the best place for stargazing and perfect combination of beaches.

So pack your bags and get out to enjoy this monsoon season.


Akanksha Kapur – DU Times

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