Things I learnt about delhi university in my first year

Delhi University from the very beginning is like a target to us. Not only for students but also for parents to send their children to DU. They feel proud saying- my child is graduated from DU.
DU is now not only the best college but have also become a brand of studies.
And that’s the visible truth everyone has accepted.
So when I talk about my college life, I’d say that yes I’m from DU, Du the best college every student desires.
It is now 3 years I have closed my books of graduation.
I still remember first day of my college where I had to attend my orientation day.
I was expecting college day to be super happening but what the day it was?
I tell you, it was lost day, thousands of faces? Out of which with 999 I was not comfortable and that 1 was me with whom I was comfortable.
Like a rat, that day I was just roaming around the infrastructure of my college and the college walls too scary for me I did not even find the infrastructure acceptable as I expected it to be great because it was the Delhi University
So the particular time period was going on all you will say passing on I was able to understand the exact life of Delhi University.
So in very first year I learnt to survive the first day of college without anyone beside me without anybody’s help without having by my side.
Another thing I learnt was to go yourself and ask unknown people about their courses so that you can at least have one person you can take help from.
Third thing I get in my was 2 adjust with new people I once used to find them tacky. I literally talked to every sorta guy out there.
Next is something I never thought I’l face in my life was having conversations with “Gujjar” guys. And yeah some of are my friends too. Like okay I realised out of my comfort zone that they are not actually as bad as we have portrayed their image.
The first year taught me to handle myself, to stand for myself, to abuse for anything I don’t find right for me, and to take stand for anyone who is weak and needs help.
Actuallly college life gave me the new birth, rebirth.
I am now the new happening me, the older me was weak, shy and introvert
But now this is who am I, who is not concerened with others perspectives towards me and my life.
I know well how to keep my life and values respectively. Your concern which is not actually concern is not needed.
First year or last year you raised up a strong woman.
The girl is now a warrior.
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