Are you a tech hunter to save the environment?

Is technology a solution for environmental damage?

The environment seems to be the most proliferating topic in the present minds of youths. Thanks to the United Nations and its initiatives that helped the concept of environment to reach schools. The earth on which we live is undoubtedly overpopulated. It is very difficult to ignore the fact that if the contemporary situation is not kept under control, the future of humanity is in danger.

Thinkers who have thought in this way came to be known as environmentalists. Some of them are in heaven and some of them are still working on the planet just to make the population aware that this is not the way for our sustainability. It is gradually becoming very difficult for them to impart the question that in what way are we willing to hand over this planet to our children.  

Few technological professionals thus entered the field. It was the argument that if technology has a major contribution to environmental degradation, now it is its moral responsibility to undo the damages. This blog today will provide you the exposure regarding some of the phenomenal technological exposures that are currently working or can work to save the environment from human damage: 

1. Water cleaning robots: 

Anand Mahindra recently claimed that he is ready to invest in water-cleaning robots. These robots went viral in Instagram posts. What it does is to use a net that passes through water. The microscopic and well-engineered net tends to catch up all solid waste from water. If such robots enter into market, they can be proved as a phenomenal tool in the hands of the government to clean the major rivers and waterbodies of India. One of the limitations of such robots is that there is a possibility of disturbance in aquatic life. In such a scenario, these robots must be responsibly controlled and can be used to undo the marine life where it has been destroyed because of garbage. 

2. Green hydrogen: –  

Water has two components hydrogen and oxygen. If this water is being chemically split into its basic components, it will help to Produce a hydrogen gas that is very easy to transport. This will reduce the use of non-renewable resources of energy. Also using this technology will reduce our dependence on coal and petroleum for energy requirements. Thus, the import will tend to reduce and then we shall move towards being “ Aatmanirbhar Bharat”.  A major problem with this technology is Between 50 and 80 percent of the energy value of clean electricity is lost in the process of making hydrogen and then burning it to generate electricity. Thus, it needed to be made energy-efficient with advanced engineering methodology. 

3. Magnetic Iron extractor: –  

We know that magnets easily attract iron. Thus, what this machine does is to attract all kinds of E-waste from the garbage through high electromagnetic power. This will enable us to easily reuse those resources. There are some elements present in the waste such as lithium that can be reused several times. Accumulating such resources from garbage will not only enable us to cut the cost of raw materials of production but also will help us to keep the environment clean.

4. Carbon capture and storage (CCS): –

This is an emerging technology that separates carbon dioxide from all other industrial gases that emerge out of production. Then it tends to store it as rock formation underground that does not damage the environment. This will help to reduce the progression of carbon compounds from the atmosphere and will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gases. This is one of the phenomenal innovations that will lead us to solidify the gaseous carbon dioxide. 

5. Fake meat:-


Chickens and meat are some of the food choices among Indians. On the one hand advocates of being vegetarian posit that we must ignore killing animals for our taste. On the other hand, non-vegetarians argue that the food choice is an individual choice. It is also an apparent fact that lakhs of animals are being killed every day just to be eaten. So technology is now in a situation where if someone wants to enjoy the taste of meat without eating meat and wants to get the same nutrients, artificial meat is here. Artificial meat is such a product that without killing animals, you can enjoy the veg meat and thus the newly emerging animal rights can also be protected. 

6. Carbon-negative concrete:-

Iron-based batteries are being developed to capture Earth’s energy from Earth’s core. Building accounts for 40 percent of all carbon elements. With high-tech engineering, if we can replace carbon in concrete with alternative elements then it can reduce the carbon burden on the environment. 

 Thus in a nutshell we can conclude that it was the technology that has created such burdens on the environment. Now it is the moral responsibility of all of us to use technology to protect the same. Human innovations have a lot of scope if they want to protect the environment in their own way. Every entrepreneur who is thinking of starting any venture must first think about the product’s pros and cons on the environment. If we want that we must not get abused for destroying our environment for our own sake, then we must take urgent steps to protect our homes and source of livelihood.

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