ABVP Demands Reduction in Fee Hike and Better Infrastructure at DU Law Centre

The Delhi University chapter of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has initiated an ongoing sit-in protest, urging for a rollback of the recent fee increase implemented by DU’s Law Centre. Additionally, ABVP members are calling attention to various concerns including poor infrastructure, Wi-Fi issues, restroom facilities, classroom seating shortages, malfunctioning water coolers, problems with pink toilets and sanitary vending machines, among other grievances.

The fee Increase at the Law Centre has made students very upset because they think it’s too much money for them and their families to pay. ABVP leaders say the fee hike is unfair and want it to be canceled right away.After the recent fee hike students have to pay an annual fee of Rs 6,010 and Rs 1,100 as examination fee. Last semester, students had to pay ₹4,900 fee, including the examination fee.

Students are also worried about the poor condition of the Law Centre’s classrooms, library, and technology. They say these problems are making it hard for them to learn and enjoy studying there.

Ashish Singh, ABVP Delhi state joint secretary, emphasised the adverse effects of the increased fees on students from various economic backgrounds, stating, “The escalated fees are posing significant challenges for students, compounded by substandard infrastructure, water shortages and deteriorating restroom conditions. We will persist with our sit-in protest until our demands are addressed.”

As per reports, ABVP Delhi joint secretary Ashish Singh said, “students from diverse economic backgrounds study in the Law Faculty. In such a scenario, the increased fees imposed by the administration are creating numerous problems for the students. Along with poor infrastructure, water issues, and deteriorating restroom conditions, students are facing various other problems.”

Even after submitting memorandums to the administration regarding the issues, the issues are yet to be addressed, he added. “Consequently, we have decided to sit on an indefinite protest. We will continue our sit-in protest until our demands are met,” said Singh.

The demands put forth by ABVP include:

  • Rollback of the recent fee hike to alleviate financial strain on students.
  • Immediate measures to upgrade and improve infrastructure at the Law Centre.
  • Transparency in decision-making processes related to fee revisions and allocation of resources.
  • Establishment of a grievance redressal mechanism to address student concerns promptly.

The protest drew attention from both students and faculty members, with many expressing solidarity with the demands put forward by ABVP. Calls for dialogue between student representatives and university authorities have also been made, in the hopes of finding a mutually acceptable solution to the ongoing issues.

As pressure mounts on the university administration to act, students remain determined to continue their efforts until concrete steps are taken to address the fee hike and infrastructure issues at the ”U Law Centre.

As the debate surrounding the fee hike and infrastructure deficiencies at the DU Law Centre continues to unfold, one thing remains clear: the need for concerted efforts to ensure that education remains a beacon of hope and opportunity for all aspiring students. ABVP’s proactive stance serves as a reminder of the pivotal role student activism plays in shaping the future of higher education in India.

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