What this internship is about?

Delhi University invites applications for the vice chancellor internship program 2024. This will provide an opportunity for students to participate in internships in June and July this year. The average stipend is 10500 per month for a summer internship program. This page will provide you with all that you need to know 



All Bonafide students who are in any regular course under graduation or post-graduation at Delhi University are eligible to apply for this internship. However, they must not be from the last semester or the last year of their course. Those who already have once applied for this program are also not eligible to apply in the program.  

The total proposed number of interns in both categories is 200. The number may periodically be changed after review and recommendation by the Dean of Students’ Welfare subject to the approval of the Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi. 

Highlights for the program 

1. Summer internship offered during summer vacation will be for 8 weeks (about 2 months) and may contain a flexible 15-20 hours per week.  

2. Internship during the academic session may contain a flexible 8 – 10 hours per week. 

 3. VCIS can be used only once during a course of study at the University of Delhi.  

  1. The maximum period of an internship shall not exceed six months under any circumstances from the time of joining.

Incentives and stipends 

  1. Experience Certificate: A certificate from the Dean of Students’ Welfare at the end of the internship tenure subject to the appraisal report from the concerned employment Department/Centers/Institutes. 
  2. Interns will get Rs. 5,000 per month.  

           Summer Interns will get an average of Rs. 10,000 per month.  

 3. The stipend will be enhanced by 5% each financial year. 

Process of hiring

The process of hiring and all other requirements are mentioned on the official website of Delhi University. This is as follows 

“1. Jobs and Job Description of the internship containing the nature of the internship (whether full-time or part-time). 

  1. The Dean of Students’ Welfare office will upload the request on the CPC, DSW, and other social media websites for more comprehensive and quick dissemination of information among students. 
  2. A Google form (Annexure-B) containing all information will be uploaded on the websites of CPC/Spotlight and DSW in February and September of each academic year.
  3. Interested applicants may register online, and the duly submitted application will be valid for a maximum of 6 months duration.
  4. Interested students must specify and indicate the specific domains/areas of interest. -4- Vice-Chancellor Internship Scheme, University of Delhi 
  5. Applicants may indicate three preferences of specific domains/areas of interest while applying for VCIS.
  6. The applicants must upload a letter of recommendation (LOR) and no objection certificate (NOC) from their head of the department/College (Annexure-C) while applying for the internship.
  7. A student can apply only once for an internship in an academic year under the prestigious VCIS. 
  8. Pertinent to the total number of online applications received against a specific domain/area of interest, the office of the Dean of Students’ Welfare solely reserves the prerogative/right to decide/fix up the eligibility criteria, number of applicants for a particular period and to decide about the modalities of screening thereof. 
  9. Shortlisted students from specific domain interests will be invited to interact with selection committee members. The selection committee constitutes the following members: Ÿ Dean Students’ Welfare – Chairperson Ÿ Proctor/Proctor Nominee Ÿ Two members as nominated by the Vice-Chancellor, Ÿ Joint Dean Students’ Welfare – Member Secretary
  10. The DSW office will upload the list of finally selected students on the DSW website. 
  11. The DSW office will give the selected interns a joining letter (Annexure-D).
  12. Kindly note that the issue/ award of the Internship Certificate is subject to i. The successful completion of the assigned work, ii. Submission of a training report after the completion of the internship task duly assigned by the concerned office (Annexure E), iii. Satisfactory assessment/appraisal and evaluation report of the intern’s performance by the head of the concerned office.” VC internships’ official notification quoted

Click here to visit the official website 

Areas of interest/domain under VCIS 

Vice Chancellor’s Internship Schemes will be extended to all such Departments/ Centers/ Institutes of the University of Delhi:  

Vice Chancellor’s Office/ Pro Vice Chancellor’s Office/Office of Dean of Colleges/ Director South Campus Office/ Proctor Office/ Office of Dean Students’ Welfare/Registrar’s Office  

 Central Reference Library/ Science Library/ Departmental Libraries/ Departmental Labs Examination Branch/ Admission Branch/ Research Council, Sports Council 

 Equal Opportunity Cell – (including readers -writers for the visually challenged)  

 Cluster Innovation Centre /Institute of Lifelong Learning/ WSDC/ Centre of Global Studies, etc.  


 Any other as approved by the competent authority 

Why should you apply for this program? 

The stipend here seems to be very attractive, but this is not the only reason that must drive you to participate in this program. Delhi University aims to provide a holistic environment for all students to develop here. Thus, this will not only help you to develop your skills but also help you know the working culture. The timing of the program also seems to be very interesting. It is in June and July which is generally after the end of semester exams. Thus, this will help you to use your vacation time productively. Moreover, these internships can be a part of your CV which will enhance your experience. Last but not least Delhi University itself is a brand and thus accreditations from these institutions is an achievement. 





SOURCE" Apply to grow: Delhi University"
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