List Of Things Every Girl Needs To Say Goodbye To

To You don’t have to and definitely don’t need to keep everyone happy. However, you do have a sure shot at keeping one person happy…Yes, it’s you. All you need to do is clear the clutter from your life. So, here is a list of things that every girl should say goodbye to, right away!


Things Every Girl Needs To Say Goodbye To

Well just in case you don’t know what a word FRENEMIES stand for let us help you : someone who pretends to be close-friends  But deep down they harbor a ulterior motive – to compete with or humiliate you. So, it’s about time that you get rid of people you feel obligated to meet. People who are mere social media friends and who really make no substantial contribution to your life rather makes things even worse and difficult for you so girls time to chop chop your frenemies has come.

Relationship with the exes:

Things Every Girl Needs To Say Goodbye To

honey you need to move on! just in case you are still thinking your guy will change himself into man you want him to be, sorry to pop up the bubble but this is not gonna happen sweety. I am Sure, there is nostalgia attached to those old Letters, saved texts, pictures, old clothes and any other remnants from past relationships but these memories are doing nothing but cluttering your mind and life, so burn them all. you will thank us later, for sure.

The slim fit obsession:

Things Every Girl Needs To Say Goodbye To

Believe it or not but these are the few common statements of girls these days “am I looking fat?, yaar wo purani jeans mai fit hona hai!, zero figure chahiye bus” but let us tell you that there is a thin line between being self-conscious and obsessing about your weight. And honey you are beautiful as you are you need not to diet to maintain or attain zero figure besides zero is not even a size.

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