My Travel Diary with Incredible Routes

Dear Diary,

Final year of college does bring in a lot of excitement including some for the last travel trip. I, along with my Philosophy Department went for Dharamshala- Mcleodganj Trip. Listed below are some places which one should definitely check out.

1. Blossoms Village Resort, Dharamshala: Okay this isn’t a tourist spot but hands down one of the best resorts in the area. Apart from there hospitality, the place also got nice spots to chill with a rooftop restaurant with a beautiful view.

My Travel Diary My Travel Diary2. Main Market, Mcleodganj: The market has got beautiful stones, ear rings., handicrafts and hand-knit clothes to offer. Its nothing less than a vibrant show.

My Travel Diary3. Bhagsu Falls and Trek: The beautiful falls are complimented with a moderately strenuous trek that runs besides the falls and ends at the origin of it. The top most point not only gives a breathtaking view but also has a very famous café.

My Travel Diary4. Shiva Café: Located at the end of Bhagsu Trek, this café serves mouthwatering food and hookah with both indoor and outdoor seating. My Travel Diary5. Mc’llo Café: Located right in front of the entrance of Mcleodganj Market, this place serves one of the best momos and is very famous among celebrities as well. They do take more than little time as they believe in preparing everything from scratch before serving but the wait is definitely worth.

My Travel Diary

Apart from the listed places, there are other attractions like Monasteries, Triund Trek, cricket stadium, etc. Not only that, if you are out with people close to you then you make memories with every street and every corner. That was my account. Hope to travel again soon.

My Travel Diary

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