Rise of Durga : Me Too!

Rise of Durga Me Too
Picture Credit – MANISH RAJPUT

Durga Pooja, a famous festival celebrated widely across India. Each one of us know the significance held by the same which is the victory of good over evil.

But the question is are we really killing the Ravana every year or have those ears went deaf in the cackling sound of Pseudo Ravana’s burning? Or has the very idea of empowering women paralysed her? Or are we letting our conscious negotiate with our conscience to create more such Ravanas?
Yes, we are creating more of them, might that be on the workplace that women face harassment for stepping out of their domestic genre; or might that be the house where they spend their entire life under that veil!

Digging deeper into the trenches of oblivion, we find a zillion cases of spoken and unheard stories of women’s sufferings. Ranging from the one of Nirbhaya to more such girls who never found ears to be heard! There have been as many as 21,000 rape and molestation cases registered in 2016-17.
It’s a complete nexus of double faceted people. On the very idea of empowering her, she is sent to work outside and there too she faces the same! And to the utmost amazement, the reasons for all these lie at women part. Its not the men who behave like predators, its the other gender who are ‘sluts’. Its not about men who hide their insecurities under dominance, its the women who doesn’t understand her area of conduct!

There isn’t a way out so she keeps walking till her legs give up balancing the societal pride on her veil until one day when they fall on those four shoulders!But those blind eyes are resistant enough to envision what would subjugate their practice of subjugation…! Then,one day Draupadi becomes Durga and decides to cry a #MeToo for all who someday tried to reduce her to the former.
Yet the point that needs to be interrogated is why isn’t there an in between for her? Why her identity ranges from either chaste or slut? And why does she beg for her rights?Are they patent!
Durga,once killed the demon ‘Raktabeej’ and every drop of blood formed yet another demon! So she created Kaali and poured every bit of blood in her mouth. Such courage!Every year we celebrate it, by the end of it,we burn the idols of Ravana but, this time there has been a twist. We used to burn one on one day but this time we are burning a zillion in 9 days! The wake of the movement, Me too has marked the very liveliness of the same.
Evoking the Kaali within each one of us,we need to stand together and eat up every demon who tries to eat our identity.
Let’s stand up and walk through this fire till this me too reaches its end and not just a mere hault!

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