Perks of Studying in an All Girls College

DU has officially started its admission procedure and many of the girls would be going to all girls college. I know it’s a tough choice at first especially when people scare you with the comments like “you’ll miss all the fun” ,”girls college ….why???”
But believe me girls, it would be your best decision ever! It might come to you as a surprise but girls college are actually a blessing in disguise. Listed below are a few reasons why opting for a girls college is a wise decision:

1. You explore the leader inside you 🙂


Be it the college fest or your department fest, you’ll have your girl gang ready to manage every thing without depending on boys.  From finding sponsors to the final fest day, you are the leader for everything. So girls, go and show your power to the world!

2. More confidence means more attractiveness.

When you’ll enter the girls college you’ll realize that every girl has her own forte: some wants to be politically strong , someone is a fashion diva, someone may be a social worker and someone could be academically strong. And when you compete in such an atmosphere, you tend to become more confident and ready to beat all the misconceptions of the society . And more confidence definitely make you more attractive. wohooo girls double bonus!

3. Why should boys have all the fun?

 Wanna play football?? or just sing loudly in the corridors? There are no restrictions in girls college … You can do whatever you want as there is no one to judge you. because all girls mean double masti!!!

4. Whole campus is a ramp to walk on.

Got an amzing dress??? but too conscious to wear it ….then no worries girls! You can flaunt your dress in your own college without any fear of those lame comments n eyes following you. show your fashion skills at your best;)

5. Girls colleges have always produced more powerful women
Be it our former CM of Delhi Sheila dixit, first woman Speaker of Lok Sabha Meira kumari (Miranda House) or Maneka gandhi (Lady ShriRam), girls college have always produced strong ladies with developed personalities. And who knows, you might be the next one!

6. You start loving yourself
“If you don’t prioritize yourself, you constantly start falling lower and lower on your list. ” In a girls college, you will notice that you have grown above all the misconceptions of impressing others starting loving yourself for being you 🙂

7. You have a beautiful transformation from a girl to a woman:)

When you’ll step out of college you’ll feel a beautiful transformation in yourself from a girl to a woman . Girls want attention but a woman commands respect. And believe me girls it will be the best transition 🙂

So girls feel lucky if you are going into an all woman’s college because every girl is born equal but only the lucky ones get the chance to enjoy this beautiful phase 🙂

By Aashi Tayal,
DU Times

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