How DU girls are different from other University Girls

There are many pre notions attached to describing Delhi University girls. Some people think we live in our own world of glamour, while some of us say we are only good at taking selfies. This bubble of reality is short lived because there’s so much more in store.
DU degree is considered to be one of the most prestigious degrees in the country. So the sky-high cut offs don’t come as a surprise. Better than the best students strive to make it to the colleges under DU. So their assumption about DU girls being beauty without brains is rejected in the first place itself. Obviously, the student has to be academically strong  and/or good at extra-curricular to save a seat for themselves.
DU has the maximum number of fests and the kind of talent that is portrayed is worthy of all the appreciation it gets. Both boys and girls have this zeal to perform their best. So you can’t tell me the girls have only mastered the art of pouting and taking selfies.

How DU girls are different from other University Girls

For some reason, people generally say that we are ‘high on attitude’ or are arrogant. However it is important to not generalize it. This is a unfair stereotype because it is a behavioral attitude that can be found in other students as well.

DU girls are big time foodies! We don’t care about the diet chart as much as we care about our aaloo chaat. We devour every cuisine and any foodie friend is always up for a treat.

It’s a very crucial thing that barely any college has a hostel facility. Yet it’s not an unknown fact that there are students from all over the country who come here to study. They resort to PGs or rent apartments. Considering how unsafe the city has been, the girls put a very strong face and fight every odd that comes in their way.

We are more independent than you think. We have a variety of interests and want to pursue them all.

In no way is this article to make any Non-DU student feel any less about themselves, because we believe in helping the other person excel, too.

Tanya Goel | Content Writer | DU Times

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