Perks of Studying in North Campus

Have you been able to make it up to the north campus?
If yes, then this article will surely make you feel a bit more elated and help you hold a sense of pride.

Presumably, it is the dream of every student to head to a college in the North Campus. Although, it is not an easy task due to its extremely high cut offs. But each year, a big chunk of students get admitted here successfully. Majority of them are out station students. North Campus is complete in itself in terms of amenities. So, it is never difficult here to find one’s niche. Its resourcefulness is the biggest perk. It has everything that a student craves for. It is the confluence of shopping, food and ecstasy.

Here is a list of perks you get to experience if you are a North Campus student:

1. Best Bunch of Colleges

The campus embraces some leading colleges, both for bachelors as well as masters degree. Shri Ram College of Commerce, colloquially known as SRCC, bags the title for the best commerce college in India. Hindu College is renowned for its notable alumni .Hansraj, Ramjas, SGTB Khalsa and Kirorimal  are known for their names. Miranda and Daulat Ram are famous for their quality of education. Each college is legendary and has a widespread reputation of its own.
Among the colleges offering post-graduation, Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) and Delhi School of Economics (DSE) are the best ones. They offer some great placement opportunities to their students.

2.  Accommodation Facilities
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As there are many out station students studying in the campus, so accommodation becomes the greatest concern. To content with it, there are many Delhi University Hostels in and around the campus. Moreover, there are hostels in the colleges too.   Also, the Campus is surrounded by many residential places. These places offer the facilities for staying in flats and PG’s at very reasonable prices. So, you never gotta miss your home.

3. Food Junctions
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The entire campus offers you a variety of food joints. Especially, Hudson lane is flooded with cafe’s and restaurants that never fail to satiate your cravings. Some of them like Big Yellow Door, QD’S, Ricos and Yolo are the most famous ones. They serve you a number of scrumptious dishes. And, if you are the one, who is looking for some local food, then Kamla Nagar is the right place for you. You can always try ‘ Chacha di Hatti’ and ‘Bille di Hatti’ for that.  Also, the cost is feasible for a student’s pocket.

4. Kamla Nagar
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It is surely the hub for students. Departmental and Book stores, Branded shops and some great food joints make it the focal point for the students. It fulfills the basic everyday need of the students. This is the reason it has become a second home for the students.

 5. Coaching Convenience

There are many students who are hell too ambitious and are preparing for various competitive examinations. In order to satisfy the needs of career oriented students, there are a number of coaching institutions opened up in Hudson lane. From T.I.M.E. to CL, there are many famous ones which give the right direction to the careers of these ambitious students and help them achieve their dreams.

6. Patel Chest
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It usually becomes the most humongous zone of the campus during the exams. At the time of exams, one or the other student is running to get the copy of notes. It has an innumerable number of shops for Photostats and print outs. Also, they are immensely budget friendly.

7. Everything is within the radius of 5-10 km’s

This is probably the best part about the north campus. It is very easy to go from one place to the other due to its short radius. And to accommodate, you have rickshaws and autos flooding throughout the campus. So, it becomes easy to commute.

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