Places to explore in North Campus

Though every season is the ultimate time to walk through the north campus. People who fail to experience a walk through this place, can never proudly call themselves Dilliwale. Let’s start from the Delhi Metro, for coming to North Campus one has to reach to Vishwavidyalaya Metro station which comes in yellow line and take your first breath in the air of Delhi University then can grab a rickshaw or an auto.

The First stop would be Sudama ki chai-

Chai is a lifestyle in the northern city. This chai stall has been running for 30 years or more now. The ginger tea keeps sleepy students alert and comes in a kulhad of Rs.10 and the conversations flowing at this stall are often more stimulating than the ones inside classrooms.

Location- Near Ramjas College, University of Delhi.

The second stop would be Spark Mall-

We just can’t leave Kamla Nagar without checking out these amazing bookstores. Students leave their books here after use so that the next batch doesn’t have to spend so much on them. Syllabi go on for pages on end, that whole course times 2 each year can come up to a fortune by the end of the courses. The collection is divine because the most important books for Indian history are included in DU curriculum. You won’t find such a unique collection anywhere in the world, handpicked by the country’s intellectuals. Despite that, the main attraction is their unbelievable prices.

Location- Kamla Nagar, North campus

Then comes the walk at Northern Ridge-

One of the Delhi’s forest is next to North campus, it’s home to khooni jheel where Indian sepoys and soldiers,women and children died in revolt of 1857. Now it is Delhi’s haunted lake inside a beautiful forest next to the home of DU students and Majnu Ka Tilla. In 1915, 420 acres of the area was declared as a reserved forest. Now, less than half of it survives at all.

Location- Adjacent to North campus.

Now welcoming you in Mini Tibet- Majnu ka Tila

Please save some space for your evening snacks. Delhi’s Mini Tibet is probably the best part about being in North Campus. Tibetan stores for local produce and ethnic clothing line the streets in this little town. It’s home to Tibetan refugees and a beautiful little Buddhist monastery that attracts with it’s positive vibes. Tenzing aunty found a corner in the centre circle of Majnu Ka Tila for authentic Tibetan Laphing. The food prepared by her is a drug or a tool for meditation, whichever way life takes you in Rs.30. The rest of the street food is also pretty good like buff balls,types of red chilli sauce and Tibetan momos. Spend as much time as you like here. Check out the famous Busan,A Korean Restaurant and AMA café for desserts too.

Location- Majnu Ka Tila,Near ISBT Kashmiri Gate.

Hudson Lane-

If you are a foodie, this place might make you fall in love. Variety of cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlor and what not. You will find every kind of cuisine right here at this place. You should definitely try The waffle company, Spezia Bistro, The Woodbox Café, The Central Perk, Big Yellow Door and many more.

Location- Block F, Vijay Nagar.

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