The North Campus of Delhi University is not just famous for its Colleges that  release high cut offs every year for admissions into undergraduate courses. But, is also known highly for the delicacies that  the restaurants of this area offer. Listed below are the popular dishes that every student irrespective of being from a North Campus College or not  should definitely try once.  


Masala Maggi


Let it be any weather or occasion, Masala Maggi is a perfect savoury item to munch upon. A lot of experiments are always done with maggi. But, nothing can beat the flavor of  Masala maggi. There are a lot of maggi joints in North Campus that provide equally good maggi. But, Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point is considered to be the best one. Situated in front of Ramjas College in Maurice Nagar, this joint provides a sufficient quantity of Masala Maggi for as cheap as Rs. 40. Even if not at Tom Uncle’s Point, maggi is something that every student should definitely give a try in the North Campus. 


Paneer Momos 

None of us can resist the temptation of paneer momos. So is the case of every North Campus denizen. There are a lot of stalls spread all around the North Campus that provide extremely delicious paneer momos. This definitely is a must try dish for everyone coming to North Campus. The best paneer momos that one can get is at Dolma Aunty Momos which is a small shop serving a vast variety of momos situated in the Kamala Nagar area. Their price of half plate paneer momos is just Rs. 40 .



No other drink in this world can be as refreshing as a hot piping cup of tea. One will find a lot of chaiwalas in the North Campus that serve delectable tea in small cups. But obviously, no one can beat the captivating cup of hot tea that is served by Sudama Tea Stall. This tea stall is located in front of Hansraj College. They serve such a flavorsome tea that people stand in long queues to get that one cup of hot tea which costs about Rs. 15 per cup. 


Chocolate desserts

They say, “ Chocolate is the happiness you can eat.” Chocolate is something that is loved by a person of every age group. And therefore, almost all the cafes of Hudson Lane in the North Campus provide extensively delicious chocolate desserts. All these chocolate puddings are so delicious that one cannot stop eating them. One such toothsome  chocolate dessert is  served by For God’s Cake  which is a cafe in Hudson Lane. The dessert they serve is Obsessive Chocolate Disorder which costs Rs. 149 per jar.  This dish is a full package for all those who have a sweet tooth and should definitely try this one.


Chhole Bhature

Chhole Bhature is an all time favourite snack of every individual. The spices, aroma and taste of this dish make it the best breakfast or lunch item one would want to eat. Due to the astonishing fame that this dish enjoys, almost every restaurant in North Campus offers this dish. There are many roadside stalls all over the North Campus as well that offer this delicacy. But, the best chhole bhature one can find in North Campus is at Bille di Hatti which is a small restaurant in Kamala Nagar that serves this dish for Rs. 60. And the flavors that they incorporate in this dish are unbeatable !



How can one visit North Campus and forget about pizzas ? Pizza is something that is an all time favourite of everyone. None of us can resist the temptation of a hot sizzling pizza. The cafes in North Campus offer various varieties of pizza like cheese burst, paneer makhani,etc.  and all of them are just amazing. The best pizzas one can have in North Campus is at a pizza restaurant in GTB Nagar called Papparizza – Lust for Crust. They offer a pizza called Farmers Pizza which is topped with broccoli , mushrooms , black olives, etc. and costs for Rs. 320. This pizza is a full package delight for all the pizza lovers.


White Sauce Pasta

A full plate of White Sauce Pasta hits all the pasta lovers differently. It is something that one doesn’t want to miss at any party or cafe. North Campus understands this well and almost all its cafes serve this delicious savoury dish. The best white sauce pasta in the entire North Campus is served by a cafe in Hudson Lane called Big Yellow Door. The dish is named as Creamy Cheese Sauce Pasta which is a blend of creamy white sauce with mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli and bell pepper enhanced with a touch of basil. It costs Rs. 209 per serving. This dish is no less than a treat to the taste buds.

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