12 Traditional Indian Drinks To Beat This Summer Heat!

Forget your cola and that mango drink. This summer, try these traditional Indian drinks to beat the heat. 

#1. Aam ka Panna

Aam ka Panna is delicious. It’s khatta-meetha and has multiple qualities that help your body’s gastro-instentinal problems. It prevents the loss of sodium chloride (salt) and iron and is known to keep diseases like tuberculosis, anemia, cholera and dysentry in check, if used over a period of time. Aam ka Panna can also beat the worse kind of heat strokes, we are likely to suffer from in this scorching summer. It will turn out brown if you use jaggery and yellow, if you use sugar.

Making Aam ka Panna: This is a simple, three step drink. You need raw mangoes (kaachi keri), jaggery/ sugar and cardamom (elaichi). Boil or steam the mangoes; once done, remove the pulp and take it in a bowl. Add powdered jaggery or sugar, and cardamom per taste. Add a pinch of salt and black pepper to taste, and now add cold chilled water.

12 Traditional Indian Drinks To Beat This Summer Heat!

#2. Shikanji

Slightly different than lemon juice, Shikanji is rich in Vitamin C. It is cool for your body and its refreshing nature can help you regain your energy within minutes.

Making Shikanji: Use fresh lemon juice of one lemon, and put it in a glass. Now add black salt, cumin powder and sugar. Put cold water into the glass and stir till the sugar dissolves. Your Shikanji is ready. Garnish it with fresh mint leaves and if the water is not chilled, use lots of ice.

12 Traditional Indian Drinks To Beat This Summer Heat!

#3. Kokum Sherbet

Kokum fruits are very pretty to look, and Kokum Sherbet is one of the most delicious summer drinks. Kokum Sherbet will deal with your body’s heat and also reduce bile excess. It is known to build your appetite, while helping your digestion system. Also, Kokum fruit can beat heat rashes by simply rubbing it on the rash.

Making Kokum Sherbet: Take two fresh kokum fruits or semi-dry kokum. Cut them into half, remove the seeds and then grind the kokum into a fine paste. Make sugar syrup and pour it into this kokum paste, add cumin and cardamom powder to taste. This is your base paste. Put two to three tablespoons of this paste in a glass; add cold water and ice and there you go. You can store the remaining paste in the refrigerator.


#4. Pudhina Sherbet

Mint is an all-rounder, and it’s sherbet can help you with nausea, hunger pangs and even boredom! Mint can increase your appetite, and fix various tummy issues. It is known to be a solid skin cleanser as well. Are you listening, girls?

Making Pudhina Sherbet: Take a bowl full of mint leaves and separate the stems, add sugar/jaggery/honey as per your taste; add black salt, black pepper and cumin powder. Now take all the ingredients and grind to make a fine paste. Take a glass, put two tablespoons of mint paste, and add icy water; garnish it with a slice of lemon, and consume it instantly.

#5. Gud Nimbu ka Sherbet

Gud Nimbu ka Sherbet is the simplest of the lot, and it’s taste will ensure you will ask for another glass. The jaggery (gud) gives you the energy in form of glucose, refreshing you, and it can pump up the iron contents in your blood.

Making Gud Nimbu ka Sherbet: Take a bowl and put a lots of jaggery; squeeze two full lemons in the bowl. Add cold water and stir till the jaggery dissolves. Top it up with salt and black pepper as per your taste.

#6. Falsa ka Sherbet

Falsa has an appealing colour, and taste. Its sherbet is only better. A cool fruit in nature, Falsa is full of potassium and is a rich source of Vitamic C. It contains anti-oxidants in abundance, helping you heal wounds, purify your blood and gives your skin a clear and glowing look.

Making Falsa ka Sherbet: Take 2-3 cups of falsa and soak them in water approximately three hours. Later, crush the falsa into a fine paste. On a pan now, heat sugar and water to make a sugar syrup (chashni). Now add the sugar syrup, plus black salt to taste, to your falsa puree, and top it up with cold water. The drink will have a fascinating red colour; garnish it with mint leaves and relish!


#7. Saunf ka Sherbet (Fennel Water)

Falsa is cool, alright; but Saunf (fennel) is super cool. Fennel gives you a fresh breath, and refreshes you. And oh, it tastes yum.

Making Saunf ka Sherbet: Soak the required amount of fennel overnight. Now crush this into a fine paste and add sugar, salt and some black pepper to it. Add crushed ice, and if you have, a pinch of jaljeera powder that will give it a solid punch. Serve the drink in a tall glass.

12 Traditional Indian Drinks To Beat This Summer Heat!

#8. Chaash (Buttermilk)

This is one of the most common summer drinks. Buttermilk, or chaash as we call it, increases appetite and soothes your system. It can also induce sleep! A blissful drink, it is perfect to quench your thirst this summer.

Making Chaash: In a bowl, take thick, well-fermented curd. Finely chop ginger, curry leaves, green chilies and mint leaves, and add these to the curd, with a pinch of salt. Add water and beat this mixture, or use an electric beater. You can let the foam develop, if that’s your thing. If the water is not icy cool, add lots of ice. Serve the drink in a tall glass; a steel glass is recommended!

Chaash (Buttermilk)

#9. Thandai

One of the most exotic, old Indian drinks, Thandai can be slightly complicated to make; but it is totally worth it. Full of spices, Thandai will boost your immunity; as each individual spice can fight a number of diseases, and well if you don’t care about the medicinal benefits, its taste is enough to force you to make it a second time!

Making Thandai: Take one litre milk and put it to boil; once its done, let it cool to room temperature. Take 1/4 cup of almonds, 2 tablespoons of khus-khus (poppy seeds), saunf (fennel seeds), 1/2 teaspoon of elaichi power and 20 white peppercorns, and turn these into a fine paste. Add this paste to the milk, and refrigerate this mixture for 3-4 hours. Once done, sieve the mixture, add sugar, peppercorns and saffron and stir well. Serve in a tall glass and sprinkle some saffron on top.


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#10. Jeera Pani

Jeera Pani is a simple drink, works like an anti-oxidant, removing the toxins off your system, helping boost your digestion and improving your immune system.

Making Jeera Pani: Take 1/2 cup tamarind paste, add cumin (jeera) powder, freshly chopped ginger, a pinch of garam masala and salt and sugar to taste. Add cold water and strain the drink through a muslin cloth. While serving, add crushed ice and garnish it with a slice of lemon, and a few mint leaves.

Jeera paani

#11. Gulkand shake

Often used in pan, Gulkand is a preserved version of rose petals that are mixed with sugar and honey. Roses are not only beautiful, but they are cool in nature. Gulkand itself tastes wonderful; but this drink is awesome! To top that, the drink will help your acidity, lower your body’s temperature, and the rose petals will leave you refreshed.

Making Gulkand Shake: This is a simple, three step recipe. Take cold milk and add Gulkand to it. Mix it well; the gulkand may not dissolve in milk – don’t remove it. Garnish it with fresh rose petals, pistachios and almonds.

gulkand shake

#12. Bael ka Sherbet

Bael is woodapple. Bael ka Sherbet can cure diarrhoea, cholera and helps if you’re a vertigo patient. This can also contain your cholesterol and can deal with respiratory problems. This khatta-meetha refresher is one hell of a tongue tickler.

Making Bael ka Sherbet: Take one medium sized Bael (Woodapple) and break it open; take the pulp in a bowl, add water and using your hands, remove all the seeds, and mix well. Take powdered jaggery and add it to the mixture. Stir well till the jaggery dissolves. Add salt and jeera powder according to your taste. Mix it well, sieve it and serve chilled.

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