Delhi University teacher association (DUTA) strike – Demands and Government response

DUTA STRIKEAbout DUTA strike at Delhi University

DUTA strike is getting prominent in Delhi University, DUTA is a teacher association. Most of the time we heard about the DUTA strike. What’s that? There are two groups of teachers one is labeled as a permanent teacher and the other is Ad hoc teacher. Teachers, a significant part of the education system, directs students in the way of success, molded perplexed minds of students in a systematic manner. The manager of the world’s important resource is youth.

Ad hoc teachers at DU are well qualified from Delhi’s prestigious colleges, educate us from several years or we can say a decade, yet not consider permanent even after higher degrees,  seems distressed after investing a huge amount of time on a study from eminent universities still at a nadir. What if they don’t get salaries on time? They call a strike to show their sorrow and grumble.

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Demands under DUTA strike

Ad hoc teachers demand to provide similar facilities as permanent professors have, demand for absorption in the category of permanent professors. During the 2nd wave of covid, they did not get salaries for more than 5-6 months. It was a rigorous situation for those who had a single earning hand in the entire family. 1200 teachers from 12 colleges of DU were waiting for their salaries, 1200 seem huge no. especially when we see with the eyes of distress.

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There was the provision state that any Ad hoc teacher who works more than 4 months will get a permanent seat at DU, now all such provisions seem fallacious. The work of Ad hoc teachers was to the transition teachers when one would reluctant to take class, due to maternity leave or some other reasons.


Government response

The AAP- let the government said that they transfer the funds to Delhi University and clear all the dues, but University has not paid salaries to their teachers for several months. Colleges were reluctant to give utilization certificates, shown that colleges suffer high financial irregularities. The government would establish a committee to check and direct, where would all the funds go.

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Step towards Privatization

Colleges once considered as 100% funded Delhi government, now maintained colleges of DU addressed as 100% funded Delhi government-sponsored colleges. Government forcing colleges to be self-sustained.

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