Lights, Camera, Announcement: DU Goes Bollywood

In a delightful fusion of academia and Bollywood glamour, students at Delhi University (DU) have unveiled their event announcements with a creative twist, drawing inspiration from the world of Hindi cinema.

Students at Delhi University have moved beyond the traditional method of putting up posters across different colleges to promote campus events. Instead of relying on digital posters and e-vites, they’re now channeling their creativity into producing viral videos, particularly through Reels. There’s an unspoken rivalry among colleges to create the most trending and quirky pre-fest videos.

Hindu College’s Students reel on Ibtida 

For instance, a recent brief film created by members of Hindu College’s dramatics society, Ibtida, portrays a princess in search of her ideal suitor (inspired by a Shahi Swayamvar), introducing the theme of their festival, Medina, which is making a comeback after a five-year hiatus. “Our festival’s tagline is ‘Davedari Pesh Ki Jaye,’ so the theme of our short film aligned perfectly. We’ve designed a theme-oriented video, extending invitations to teams from various college theater circuits,” explains Rishabh Wadhwa, the president and a final-year student majoring in BCom (Hons).


In a similar vein, many others have tapped into the rich tapestry of Bollywood for inspiration. Take, for example, Kirori Mal College’s E-cell

DDLJ way of Announcement, Pic Credit: Hindustan Times

which turned to the charisma Of Shahrukh Khan for some Instagram inspiration in unveiling their E-Summit. They ingeniously recreated the unforgettable ‘Palat!’ scene from the timeless classic “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” (1995), starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. It was Luv Raheja, a second-year student pursuing BSc (Hons) in Mathematics at KMC, who conceived the idea. “I have a penchant for shooting and editing reels. When brainstorming how to best announce our E-Summit, it struck me – why not channel the charm of King Khan himself and craft a reel that would captivate the entire campus?” he shares enthusiastically. This creative endeavor not only paid homage to Bollywood nostalgia but also effectively intrigued the interest of the college community.

Members of Shri Ram College of Commerce’s Dramatics Society are using the magic hug concept from films like “Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.” and “Tamasha” to uplift spirits during their festival, Histrionica. According to Raunak Chandra, the general secretary and a second-year BCom (Hons) student, these movies have deeply influenced their generation, and referencing them ensures that people anticipate a vibrant and relevant festival. He believes that pop culture profoundly shapes their mindset, and their festival’s theme reflects this influence.

As DU students gear up for another semester filled with events and activities, one thing is certain – their Filmi Fundas have added a touch of Bollywood magic to campus life, making every announcement a cause for celebration.

For now, the halls of Delhi University resonate with the excitement and anticipation of what promises to be a blockbuster season of events, all thanks to the ingenious fusion of academia and Bollywood flair.

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