Kinds of Reactions You Get from Students After Exams

From different students you get different types of  reactions after exams. Some are happy and some are just relieved. Here we bring you a list of 5 such reactions:

1. The toppers (aka nerds) – Even though they know that they are going to top, they still say things like, “Yaar, main toh kuch nahi likhkar aaya “or “ Thik thaak ho gya bas paper “ . Once, they get their answer sheets back, they will crib over that 0.5 mark the teacher deducted.


2. The weirdos (part 1)-Those who are intelligent but not toppers. They will probably ask everyone how their exam was. Only then they  will let you know about theirs (probably lie).


3. The weirdos (part 2) – Even though it’s of no use, they keep discussing the answers with everyone. End result – everyone is depressed.


4. The party animals They will be the happiest of all because:
1. They somehow will score passing marks.
They will probably say,” Yaar agli baar se padh lunga ab toh”.


5. The crybabies – These are the students who study but still are never able to score well. They keep quiet or start crying as soon as their paper is over.