College is that part of life where one explores avenues beyond classrooms, and more so in a top institution like Delhi University that offers a wide range of activities to choose from. Its societies that DU is widely known for come as a breath of fresh air for fucchas who have just come out of their rigorous preparation for Board exams. Year after year a lot of hopefuls try their luck auditioning for these societies – be it drama, debate or dance.

However, a skewed trend is seen when it comes to the final faces that make the cut. Confused about what I am saying? I’ll explain. Last year when I entered college, just like so many other freshers, I too was hoping to be a part of some cool society and eventually made it to one. This was important to do because being a science student one tends to get stuck in the vicious cycle of lectures, laboratories and library (okay, maybe not for some people!). But what came as dismay was the number of society members from science courses. It was negligible. And yes, these statistics hold true for every society in Delhi University.  We always see students from English, History and Economics courses becoming members of various societies of the college, but how many DUites from courses like Chemistry, Botany or Zoology majors are a part of them? Not many I suppose. Many of my classmates eventually left the dance and debate societies just a week or two after joining them. On being asked the reason they told me that it is very difficult to cope with both the things simultaneously – missing Chemistry practicals and important lectures is not always a good idea and that academics should not suffer because of these extracurricular activities. True.

This reluctance towards taking up activities is more among science majors due to the additional burden of practicals and the technical nature of subjects which cannot be understood fully without attending classes. But what they need to understand is that skills such as proficiency in team work, communication, time management and having a hobby in addition to academics are the essentials which make college life in DU a holistic experience. And all this can be done with prioritization and appropriate time management. Therefore, science students should try to reduce their disinclination and be equally active in participating in societies just like their humanities and commerce peers.


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