All you need to know about NEET controversy?

Why controversial?

The NEET exam is one of the most prestigious exams conducted by the NTA every year. This is considered to be the pathway to reaching one’s goal of being a doctor. Getting a government medical college is something that is a dream of not only the students but the entire family. This time this struggle is facing a NEET controversy.

The sleepless nights and the struggle through which the aspirants go are exemplary of how penance takes place. However, this year some series of events have disappointed the entire community of aspirants as well as some well-known teachers. What is this controversy about? What arguments are formulated from both sides?  If we have any viable solutions to the problem? This blog shall cover the basics of this matter. 

The root cause

The inflated marks of students this year have caught the limelight. When 67 candidates have bagged up top rank in this exam with a percentile of 99.97. Around this, nearly six candidates appeared for the exam around the same centre. The average mark for qualified candidates is 323.55 for the 2024 exam.

Also, students are alleging that given the pattern of the examination scoring 718 or 719 marks is not possible. Although NTA has clarified the case it was grace marks given on instructions of the Supreme Court. This is because those students have less time to complete the examination.

However, further scrutiny of the matters demanded, such as how many marks have been awarded for how much loss of time has not been clarified. Thus, students see a lack of transparency in the system which is another major cause for disappointment. Allegations are there in the sphere of centres too. This is because 8 toppers from the same centre and state of Haryana is something bigger than just a coincidence. 

NTA’s response 

“Out of the 67 candidates who got 720/720 marks, 44 are on account of the revision in one answer key of Physics and six are on account of compensatory marks for loss of time,” a statement by NTA said, as students, parents, educators, and even medical fraternity questioned how 67 students shared the same rank one. 

“It is pertinent to mention that the toppers are from across the country,” NTA further denied that there were six toppers from the same examination Centre in Haryana. 

Also, NTA clarifies the position of the increase in several toppers with the argument that this time there was a greater pool of students appearing in the examination that itself inflated the results making it more competitive.  

It further stated that in many questions due to differences in the old and new versions of textbooks, two options have been considered as correct.  

Also, 718 and 719 were the marks that were grace to compensate for loss of time. 

Up raged students and social media activism 

Students on social media are continuously demanding either the conduction of exams or to find alternative ways to have justice here. Amid controversy here parents lodged complaints with district higher officers in Jind seeking intervention of centre in the matter.  

Students are here also disappointed with such an increased level of competition and lack of government medical seats. Results this time indicate that even the top rankers are finding it very difficult to get into government medical colleges.

Thus, the scores which were last time considered phenomenal have now depreciated to have no value. This high level of competition and unsuitable doctor-patient ratio in the country is putting pressure on the system to have some reforms in the examination process. 

The way forward  

Thus, as mentioned to have efficient examinations, there is an urgent need to have the reform process in the system: – 

The need to bring transparency to the system 

The government must actively engage to bring appropriate transparency to the system. All the methods of normalization or providing grace marks along with the quantity must be properly clarified. The conduction of the examination should move towards a two-way process where the advice of the student community must be accepted and respected. 

Strict monitoring of paper leaks 

This is not in this context but in general paper leaks are something that is in the limelight in this election campaign also. Being a sensitive matter strict monitoring of paper leaks with senior officials and police as well as central forces shall be there for the protection of question paper before the conduction of the examination 

To increase the available medical seats 

The campus now must think to have the infrastructure that can accommodate the passionate aspirants of Neet. Such a higher level of competition is a demotivating factor for students to move towards the medical line 

Thus, in a nutshell, we shall conclude that every problem has some keys to getting its solution. Criticizing alone the system or the blame games is not going to do anything. The time suggests that there is a need for collaboration between the system and aspirants so that such problems can be dealt with to find comprehensive solutions.  


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