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How smart you are with AI?

Artificial intelligence tools are something proliferating in workplaces. They have nearly substituted many tasks that require a lot of manpower and emerge to get completed. They range from coding, content writing, and making charts to understanding a difficult concept or solving a mathematical problem. Artificial intelligence has taken over the command to teach and help us in these arenas.  

Recently Chat GPT has allowed the limited usage of the 4.0 version which contains a glimpse of a diversity of Artificial intelligence tools that we can use that are specialised for special tasks. Such tools can save time and energy and allow a smooth functioning of our functions. However, every revolution has its shortcomings and limitations. Thus, these tools also have certain ramifications that need to be highlighted to have an informed and efficient usage of AI tools. 

Whimsical diagrams 

Every student needs some assistance in the form of mind maps to memorise any concept or to store it for further revision. Making mind maps is indeed a time-consuming task. However, using this AI tool you can make 100 mind maps daily just by providing the concepts to it. Thus, making it easier for you to learn and memorise. It will also save you time as now you need not make detailed mind maps by yourself. Its mind maps are in a way that no stone remains unturned 

Code GPT  

Are you a programmer looking for AI tools through which you can make efficient programs in a limited time? Then this AI tool is for you to code and make the required programs for yourself. This is something revolutionary in the field of coding and programming as the need for human power here tends to depreciate after the entrance of such AI tools in the market. 

Scholar AI 

Do you browse research articles on Google for hours? This time can be saved using scholar AI as this tool will provide you with enhanced research articles as per your requirements. The only thing that you need to do is just type the correct prompt there to clarify your requirements. Thus, be smart here to save your time and energy 

AI humanizer 

Sometimes you lack time to meet the deadline, but you need well-researched content without AI intervention. Then AI humanizer by charlieaiolutions which is linked with chat gpt is something you can use. It will substitute the AI generated content with humanized content. Thus, helping you to make humanized content in no time.  

Slide Maker 

Want to have impactful slides in your ppt based on the content you want to put in? You can use Slide Maker by which is also connected with chat gpt presently. Providing you the best slide options with the congruency you want to make an impactful presentation 

Universal Primer 

An AI tool that can act as your teacher. Textbooks sometimes tend to provide some complex concepts that are very difficult to understand. This tool will help you to understand any difficult concept in very simple language using imagery, Examples, demonstrations so that it gets easier for you to understand it. It was developed by Siqi Chen and is also connected with GPT but you can google it too. 

Rizz GPT 

Are you dating someone but lacking words to express your emotions? This AI tool is specially designed for this purpose to make your dating experience impactful. Although I know it is not confined to students but seems apparent thus mentioned.  


Summarizer by frames is an AI tool that can help you to get a summary of any book that you want to read. Similar YouTube videos are also available here to get the summary of. Thus, it can save time when you need to see a video or read a book but lack time. 

Therapist. Psychologist CBT  

Are you mentally unwell and require non-medical assistance to deal with anxiety and stress? It is very difficult for you to get to a psychologist. But you can get assistance from this AI tool created by AI research, which can guide you to deal with your mental health issues. 

Video generator 

This AI tool created by Shihaho Zhang tends to create videos with the prompts that you provide. Thus, if you want to demonstrate any science experiment or want to demonstrate a phenomenon through visual format it is something viable 

CV Writer 

Want to have a professional CV? You can use this AI tool by Celberg that will help you build a professional CV according to the job role you are trying to fill. This will help you to include all the necessary details which you must include into your CV 

Thus, in a nutshell, we can conclude that it is an era of Artificial intelligence. These are just a glimpse of tools that we can use. There are as many tools available as many as requirements are there. If you want to have your ‘kundli’ AI can make it. It can take care of your mental health, can do your assignments for you, and can make your PPT without any plagiarism thus making a smooth pathway for us to make a productive task.  


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