How people made their Diwali special!

Diwali has different meanings for everyone. For some it’s a just another day to create pollution while for some its family time. Some love dressing up for the occasion while some just get irritated by their relatives. We give you a list of How people celebrated Diwali.

Maggi !!!FB_IMG_1447320021664

Yes this diwali it was double celebration because Maggi is back; and this made people more than happy…. And people like me celebrated diwali by having mouthwatering Maggi after so long and in the same way  woodbox cafe even made a fusion menu!

Party Time:

Diwali calls for a celebration with friends and family! Bollywood as usual had a grand celebration. And in the list of Diwali Parties how can our Bacchan family be left behind. Here is a glimpse!




People make rangoli at their home and celebrate the Festival of lights. Well making a rangoli may seem easier but it requires a lot of efforts and when it comes to new and creative designs then dude its really not easy. Simply its an art.

Eco friendly diwali

As now people know the danger of pollution they celebrated diwali in eco friendly way that means no crackers. Isn’t Diwali all about the eradication of darkness and the best way to do that was to make diyas. This is a trending way among youth to celebrate diwali.


Helping others

There are various people who get happiness in making others happy so people gave sweets and all to those who can’t afford these things and trust me it feels great when you do such and if you haven’t done anything like this then I would suggest to help someone kyunki achha lagta hai! Also there was a trending post which states that a  family invited their maid’s family for dinner on diwali to make their diwali special.


Family Time

People who live away from home and went back to family after a long time they spent their whole time with their family on diwali to make it super duper special.


Hope you guys enjoyed your diwali.To share your stories comment in thew box! Happy diwali!

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