Elections in Delhi University

“Gahlawat Gahlawat, Ankush Gahlawat..!”

“Humara Neta kesa ho?.. Rocky Tuseed jesa ho”

Well, you must have guessed what I am talking about!

Yes, you caught it right! I’m talking about Elections in Delhi University, commonly called DUSU (Delhi University Student’s Union) Elections.

Well, what according to you is a Student’s Union?

Wait, let me tell you! Student’s Union is basically a representative body of students who have been collectively elected by the students of a particular college, whose duty is to highlight and safeguard the interests and rights of college students and simultaneously ensure welfare of college and college students.

Just like elections are held in a country every year to choose the most suitable political party and to form a government for our welfare, in the same way, Delhi University organises DUSU Elections every year to choose a Student’s Union for the college. The DUSU Elections are held in the month of September every year. Last year, it took place on 12th of September. It takes place on the same day in all the DU Colleges.

Do you remember your first day at college? One of the most vivid memories of the first day is that you were surrounded by end number of seniors. Many seniors come to you, make friends with you, help you out in different things and what not. Well, it’s actually a ‘Trap’. They build up their own army. You will come to know the real cause in the month of September, when the elections will be round the corner. They will ask you to support them, they will ask you to help them in their campaigning process, and most importantly, they will tell you to vote for them and also make other people vote for them.

Now that the elections inch closer and the level of chaos, cacophony, and flyers only rise, a lot of you will find yourself asking the question- Why do we even have elections? While your question is absolutely justified, having a student union has its own benefits.


  1. Highlighting and protecting the interests of students: The ultimate aim:

The foremost aim of DUSU Elections is to highlight, protect and safeguard the interests of the students. They listen to your problems and chalk out solutions for the same. Having a union in place makes it easier for students to raise their voices against the unfair practices and the issues faced by them in the college. Have you heard about the recent rollback of the FYUP System? This historic win is one of the many outcomes of collective efforts of political system of Delhi University!


  1. Bridging the gap between faculty and students:

The Union ensures that there is effective communication between faculty and the students. It acts as a link between the faculty members and the students. Just last semester only, mid-semester exams in SGTB Khalsa College were postponed due to the collective efforts of the college union and, pleas and uproar from the students.


  1. Paves way for those who want Politics as their career:

How many of you are planning to become the governor, or say, the CM of our country? Well, those of you who think that ‘Politics’ is their cup of tea, should definitely contest elections in Delhi University. Contesting elections in DU will surely provide you a glimpse of the ‘Political lifestyle’ and the way the things are carried out. Moreover, once you become a part of some party say ABVP or NSUI, you will be supported by the higher officials of that political party which can help you out in your career.


  1. Provides the ‘Right to Choose’ to students:

What makes you vote for a particular candidate? Comparing one party with another…isn’t it?

Election symbolises weighing the pros and cons of different parties and candidates. Comparing the benefits of one party with another and forming opinions makes you all the more responsible. This gives you the ‘Right to Choose’ the most suitable candidate for the college.


But the story of DUSU Elections doesn’t ends up here. Just like there are two sides to the same coin, DUSU Elections have disadvantages too. They are:



  1. Atmosphere of chaos and disorder:

DUSU Elections create an atmosphere of chaos and disorder in the college. All the time, you get to hear slogans like ‘Humara neta kesa ho? Adarsh Rawat jesa ho’. The college campus and corridors, where you try to find peace, are full of people carrying out rallies and campaigns. You may also find people wearing ABVP caps and holding posters. Disruption of classes and rising decibel levels are a common sight.


  1. Violation of Code of Conduct:

They say “Everything is possible in love and war”. So, people violate the ethics to win this election war. There is a specific set of rules and regulations which ought to be followed but is violated. You must have seen student groups pointing fingers at each other for distributing liquor and money. Not only this, they give away freebies, hand out movie tickets and throw lavish parties. What for? Just for the sake for winning the elections, no matter by hook or by crook. Hell yeah!


  1. Sheer wastage of valuable resources:

Elections be like “Poster Poster everywhere”. Well, blind and unmindful wastage of paper takes place at the time of elections. Whether you stand near your college gate, or the campus area or just your classroom, you will find end number of posters showing “Vote for Amit Kumar, BALLOT NO. 1”. Even the college doors, windows and walls are not spared. People make ‘Graffiti’ to gain popularity. Thus, sheer and unimaginable wastage of valuable resources takes place.

In the nutshell, Elections are an indispensable part of college life. They can’t be ignored. But simultaneously, they create chaos and disorder. Elections should be carried out with full care and discipline. Lecturers and officials should keep a check. Proper analysis and examination of the candidate should be done before giving him/her the ticket. And students, you should also ensure the fact that you choose the most suitable candidate after carrying out a proper research. Remember, whatever be the situation, please vote because the famous maxim goes ‘Every vote counts.’

All the very best for elections!

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