DU to set up water coolers amid student’s demonstration

Infrastructure is a basic need

Infrastructural problem 

Delhi has touched 50 degrees Celsius in recent days and is a victim of heavy heat waves these days. Amid these heat waves, Delhi University’s student union is concerned about students’ health conditions. Very few colleges of north campuses are loaded with facilities for Air conditions. Also, amid the water crisis in Delhi, the accessibility of fresh drinking water for students seems to be very difficult. Also, on a similar line, there are many infrastructural problems the university faces that are problematic for students. Thus, DUSU decided to put their demands clearly in front of the administration to solve the required infrastructural facilities in the University. Setting up Water coolers was on the forefront.

DU’s stand

On May 30, Delhi University on Thursday said that 25 coolers would be installed in various spots on the premises to solve the ongoing water crisis amid heat waves in the city. The decision was taken in a meeting of Delhi University Students Union representatives and DU officials. A student delegation led by Aprajita met Vice Chancellor Yogesh Singh to present a memorandum mentioning various campus-related demands. The memorandum demanded the urgent need for cold and clean drinking water, particularly in the faculty of Arts, Central Library and north campus hostels.  

Other demands

However, along with the water availability, the memorandum also consisted of a lot of essential infrastructural reforms which are creating heavy problems for students amid these extreme heat conditions. The administration ensured that it would take the necessary steps to fulfil the required needs of students as soon as possible.  

In a nutshell

Thus, we can conclude that being one of the most reputed universities in the world. DU is morally obligated to provide its students with the best infrastructural facilities. To execute quality education, one needs an environment where knowledge can be nourished. Thus, a quality infrastructure can be considered a fundamental need for students studying on campus or living in hostels. Otherwise, it will be tough for students to maintain good health conditions amid these heat waves.  


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