Why Delhi University Is Better Than Other Universities

When we were school students we want to be in private schools because of the hype of the private schools that private schools are much better than government schools.

But as we pass out from 12th we want to take admission in Delhi University which is a “Government University” why?

Here I am jotting down some reasons why to choose Delhi University over other Universities.

1. Availability of the variety of courses.

Delhi University provides a bunch of different undergraduate courses in numerous colleges of Delhi University in various streams of studies under different faculties.

With 16 faculties and 86 departments, Delhi University gives plentitude of scope by its courses. From English honors, foreign languages to Management courses.  If we are talking about the variety of courses Delhi University is the first name that came to our mind.

2. Delhi University’s Buildings

The heritage buildings, heart pulling lawns and large buildings. There is a misconception that Government affiliated buildings are not properly maintained. You guys need to check DU buildings you won’t find any difference in private and government buildings.

3. Campus Life

DU campus life is not only about the fests, canteens. It also gives exposure to research, filming screens, societies, conferences, talks, societies fest and don’t forget about Annual Cultural Fests.

We all know that DU campus life is much better than other colleges.

 4. Diversification of Culture

Delhi University attracts students from all over the country as well as from other nations. It gives a chance to live their culture, interact with them. In terms of diversity, Delhi University nailed it.

5. Gives opportunity to get paid training (Internship Opportunities)

There is no doubt that Delhi University students have more exposure than other university students. As they want to be more active and more perfect in every field to fulfil them DU provides internship opportunity paid or unpaid students get an internship from amazing companies.

6. Placements

DU placements are just amazing after graduation students, get hired by good companies with handsome package. Delhi University is the most successful university in terms of placements almost every student got placed at the end of the semester.

7. Amazing Faculty

Apart from the above things, Delhi University also has teachers with the cool mind they adopt a friendly approach with students to give them better learning. DU got expertise and experienced teachers they have published papers in their expertise field which makes them more experienced and capable of handling students.

8. Food Food

Okay, so the main reason is food Delhi University has 2 campuses North campus and South Campus.

These 2 campuses are surrounded with food and beverages. In south campus, you will find Satya and in North campus, you will find Hudson lane.

9. Give chance to showcase skills.

DU has many societies like dramatics, art, dance and many more and through this many student can showcase their skills by participating in societies.

These are some reasons for choosing Delhi University.  If you know other reasons let me know in the comment section.

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