Students’ aspirations on this election

Student’s Aspirations on this Election 

The biggest festival of democracy: the “election process” has started. All over India, it is apparent to see leaders again campaigning with a basket of their promises. Thus, this election brings out novel problems, demands, and aspirations.

This is an acceptable fact that students of higher education form a considerable amount of vote bank for leaders. Thus, it becomes necessary for leaders as well as voters to have a look at what the present demands and expectations of students are in this Lok Sabha elections. Also, how Can we make this country a better place to live?  

Those who visualize the vital role of government in the development of the country must have the moral responsibility to know their demands. Every responsible citizen of India must vote for their country, no matter what their choices are. Only the active participation of citizens in politics can showcase our spirit of democracy. 

From students’ eyes, this election has a direct relation with their future. Especially in the field of higher education and employment demands, the leader-citizen connection is gradually becoming an intimate relation. This election following are the aspirations of students: 

1. More seats in government educational institutions: 

  One of the biggest aspirations that students hold is to increase their seats in government institutions. This will make the institutions more inclusive and will provide a level playing field for all students who aspire to study there. This is especially true in the case of medical and engineering candidates where market demand and supply both can be high. The need is if we get the proper infrastructure to aspire to our dreams, this will provide us with wings to fly.

WHO mentions that India needs 1.8 million doctors in India to deal with total medical demands. Every year there are a total of 3,39,125 enrollments in NEET. It means that they are willing to be in the medical field. Thus, proper infra and seats in the discipline tend to meet this demand through our knowledge economy. In a similar way in all disciplines, there is a need to provide a good quantity and quality of education for our overall development.

2. Proper infrastructure in government institutions: –

Although there is a pretty good development in the case of infrastructure in government institutions, their depreciation is one of the biggest problems. It is the need of an hour that proper awareness should be there regarding infrastructure depreciation. Also, the depreciated appliance must be replaced with immediate action to provide a valuable learning experience.

3. Need for mental health professionals in the education sector: –

It is a unanimously acceptable fact that academic and other pressures create a lot of mental health problems for students. It is very normal to face this problem, but the real problem lies in the lack of appropriate mental health professionals in the education sector. One prominent psychologist Mr. Misra once said, “There is a need to provide appropriate positions to psychologists in India wherever required. The research here must not be mere replication of West.”  A report from India Today quoted that, “There is a need for 15 lakh counselors for 315 million students.” Thus, it is an urgent need of era to fill this gap of mental health professionals

4. To increase the placement rate: –

To build a safe and healthy future, most students, after a lot of hard work, demand good placement. Thus, whoever the leader is must ensure that it is very important to take care of the placements of students enrolled in their institutions. The reason is at the end of the day they are being added to the total employment rate of the country

5. To encourage sports in the present education system: –

India has a huge sports potential in its students. The medals won and accreditations are proof of our potential. The need is to foster potential by providing opportunities in the field of sports. Students with their sports abilities require appropriate infrastructure, training, counseling, and support from the government to perform miraculously. The government’s policy of Khleo India must be implemented effectively for the holistic development of students.

6. Start up the friendly environment: –

Students of this country have the dream of making this country a start-up-friendly zone. This will not only help in the creation of employment in the nation but also will help to foster the dreams of individuals to make their own company. India is full of startup capacity; the need is for funding and guidance. The government’s start-up India program must target these two components to encourage entrepreneurs from all sections of society to have their venture.

Thus, in a nutshell, we must say that in this election it is our moral responsibility to think rationally and then vote. Our vote matters in deciding the pathway that our country will uphold. Please make sure that your voter ID is with you. Have a good and rational analysis of each candidate and let’s vote together to make this Bharat ‘Viksit Bharat’. 



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